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Learn how to properly import products from China, fully compliant with  Amazon and country specific regulations.

ImportDojo Certifications 2022 Edition

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Introduction to this course

Did you ever import a product and it got stuck at customs because it did not have the right certificates or labelling requirement that are needed for imports in your country? I hope not, because this can really cost you thousands of dollars. 

Amazon and other sales channels will ban sellers that do not comply with standards. Your eCommerce journey will be over before you know it. Let’s face it. Dealing with certifications and test reports isn’t the most fun thing to do but over the last 7 months I’ve worked on a course that will help you to navigate the jungle of rules and regulations, give you actionable advice what you need and show you how to use certificates to get a clear competitive edge in todays overcrowded markets.

I also give you examples where you don’t need to test, how you can save money and when to walk away from a certain product or supplier. This alone will help you to save thousands of dollars and by getting the right certifications and tests you can ensure compliance with all mandatory safety standards & labelling requirements for Europe and North America.

With the growing health consciousness of customers the right certification and compliance can give you a clear and competitive edge. Have you ever worried about test reports, customs and what national laws and standards you need to meet when you buy a product from China? Then this is the course for you. 

In this course I walk you through all the standards and laws there are out there for the US and the European Union. I explain all the basics to give you a better understanding what you need to meet legally, where you can save money and how to find the right standard for your product. I explain in laymen’s terms what all these standards mean and how you can simply comply to them. The best part is I’ve done all the work for you. I provide you with actionable PDF’s for 27 product categories that give you a clear picture of all the regulations that a certain product falls into.

Be it electronics, kitchen, garden, toys or furniture’s. I explain each PDF or Product Requirement Profile and all you have to do when you source from China is to send this PDF to your chosen suppliers and ask them if they can fulfil your requirements. I give examples in each PDF that apply to all product categories. For example if you are not sure what your kitchen helper has to meet in terms of standards and compliance you just have to look at the PDF that I prepared for you, look at the country requirements, laws and certifications and ask your supplier if he can meet them.

You don’t have to look any further and dig trough the internet and read hundreds of authority or government websites still not knowing what standard you have to meet. I also give you case studies on different product groups and how I find out what certification they need to meet. You’ll get contacts of test laboratories and how you can contact them and get your product tested.

Have you ever worried that a suppliers gives you a fake certificate? Look no further, I explain how you can find out if a supplier is sending you fake certificates or not. This will help you filter out the good from the bad ones. With this course you’ll get a practical roadmap to ensure compliance with all mandatory safety standards & labelling requirements for Europe and North America. Laboratories will charge you thousands of dollars for this kind of information and you’ll still have to pay for all the testing costs. There is a step by step process to do all this and this is what you are going to learn here.

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

  • anyone with an entrepreneurial mind and interested in the import/export Industry

  • anyone who wants to import from China & sell your products from anywhere in the World

  • FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) sellers

  • eCommerce sellers or those who want to become online sellers

Curriculum Overview

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Your Instructor

Manuel Becvar

Hi there!

My name is Manuel and I am the founder of

I have worked in the manufacturing/import/export industry over 20 years. I’ve written several books and content on the subject.

In 2014 I started my own trading company as well as building several eCommerce businesses. I sell with several brands on Amazon as well as traditional retailers and my own eCommerce stores.

I speak publicly at large events within Asia, Europe and North America on the subject of manufacturing in Asia as well as selling online or building your own online business.

I have also created several online courses on discussing import from China, selling on Amazon and other eCommerce channels as well as certification and compliance to national standards and laws.

Why would you buy this course from me? 

What makes me different?

I am an Amazon seller myself. I am not your “guru” who sold 50 pieces on Amazon and then created his own course.

I’ve been selling online since 2014 and have even started my own trading company selling to retail. I’ve done 7 figures in sales and profits. 

I’ve been based in Hong Kong since 2005. As an employee in the import/export business for 16 years I’ve worked as a Product Manager for the 5th largest retailer in Germany. 

I’ve worked out of Hong Kong with giants like Walmart, Amazon, Sears, Metro, Rewe and many more handling turnover volume of over 200Million USD. 

I even exhibit with my brand at global exhibitions such as the Globalsources show in Hong Kong – don’t worry, I wore a suit on the actual exhibition day :).

I am an expert when it comes to import/export. My expertise has been requested over and over on podcasts, exhibitions, conferences around the world. 

I’ve spoken at Amazon & eCommerce conferences in the US, China, Hong Kong, Germany, Thailand and others. I’ve also written and published 4 books on the topics of importing and selling online.

Ever since starting my own business in 2014 I’ve been fascinated by building online businesses. The opportunities and freedom you can achieve from having your own eCommerce and online business are endless and have given me so much.

In this course I teach everything I know about product regulations and certifications. From sourcing and finding products in China, getting them safely and fully compliant to regulations and certifications to your country. 

I previously worked as a product manager for Germany’s 3rd largest retailer and when it came to regulations and product compliance there was no room for error. I was confronted with product and certification issues on a daily basis and quality management was key to delivering to our customers. I’ve learned everything there is to know about regulations, both for the US and the EU – which all went into this course. 

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Get instant access to everything, learn at your own pace, 24 hours / 7 days a week. 


Lifetime Access One Time Investment: 197$

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