What’s ImportDojo About?

Manuel Becvar

Hi there! I am Manuel, and I am the co-founder of ImportDojo.

I am an Amazon seller myself. I am not your “guru” who sold 50 pieces on Amazon and then created his own course. I’ve been selling online since 2014 and have even started my own trading company selling to retail. I’ve done 7 figures in sales and profits. 

I’ve been based in Hong Kong since 2005. As an employee in the import/export business for 16 years I’ve worked as a Product Manager for the 5th largest retailer in Germany.

I’ve worked out of Hong Kong with giants like Walmart, Amazon, Sears, Metro, Rewe, and many more handling a turnover volume of over 200 million USD.

Over the years, I’ve given talks at various conferences. They include:

  • Seller Summit 2017 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
  • Private Label Days 2016 in Hamburg, Germany
  • Amazon Business Academy Meeting in 2019, Innsbruck, Austria

Here’s a selection of pictures from the various events:

In The Press

ImportDojo featured

In The Press

The Website Flip was featured on empire flippers, investors club, flippa, quietlight, semrush, ezoic, niche pursuits, niche website builders, entrepreneur, appsumo, domainmagnate, odys

Analytics Team

Our team of analysts brings decades of experience in buying, growing, and selling e-commerce and Amazon FBA businesses.

David Holmes

David Holmes, Co-Founder

David has acquired, grown, and exited 2 Amazon-based businesses for 6 figure sums. He has been in the Amazon space for over 6 years and has experience with Amazon print-on-demand and all manner of Amazon FBA businesses.

He currently consults for multiple 7 figure brands while developing a new FBA brand of his own.

Manuel Becvar

Manuel Becvar, Co-Founder

I’ve been selling online since 2014 and have even started my own trading company selling to retail. I’ve done 7 figures in sales and profits. I have worked in the manufacturing/import/export industry for over 20 years. I’ve built 2 brands, one of which I sold for mid-6 figures. My goal is to give back my knowledge via ImportDojo.

Mushfiqur Sarker

Mushfiq Sarker, Co-Founder

My expertise is to help newcomers and seasoned investors buy, grow, and sell their online businesses.

My team and I have been buying, growing, and flipping online businesses since 2008. Since then, we’ve transacted on 215+ websites to date with several 6-figure exits.

luka juretic

Luka Juretić, Lead Analyst

Luka has been performing due diligence on businesses for over 5+ years now. Formerly he was the Lead Analyst at Investors Club brokerage. With a technical background and education in law, he brings a wealth of experience in spotting red flags with business acquisitions. Check out Luka’s LinkedIn.

ImportDojo brings insights from 200+ acquisitions since 2008

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ImportDojo is a dedicated newsletter discussing buying, growing, and selling online businesses, primarily Amazon FBA and e-commerce. We apply growth tactics to our portfolio and share our findings through case studies.

We are investor operators, thus we have deep insights into the investing industry and we understand how to grow digital businesses.

We’ve done 200+ website transactions on the buy, sell, and broker side.

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Our major goal is to open the world of online business investing to a larger group of people. Our aspirations are:

To educate our audience about buying and selling businesses

To share no fluff, actionable content only