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I am here to help you to build your own 6 figure eCommerce business in 12 -18 months.
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6-figures BUSINESS

Dear business builder,

Want to know the secret how to really successfully build an eCommerce brand?

I give you a hint, it’s not the product itself. Yes, the product plays a vital role but not as much as the second main component.

Drumrolls please….. It’s the community

Enter: A community driven brand!

A raving fanbase that knocks down your doors for your product.


In this completely FREE training I show you how you can build a community driven brand or product.

Watch it today, I got a lot of hate from Youtubers already who try to sell their “old system” teaching you to sell a green dog collar and then just activate advertising and hope for sales.

Advertising is dead. Yes, you heard that right. Maybe not dead on Amazon but competition is so high, if you would really want to sell a green dog collar you’d have to pay between $3,5 – $6 in click costs to make a sale.

You guessed it, that would eradicate your entire profit margin…. Also privacy controls have pretty much killed Facebook/Instagram ads.

And there is only 1 way to really be successful from hereon out. And that’s by building or involving your community. Ff you already have a community, Facebook group, Instagram followers etc…. , great! If not, I help you build one! And your community will be extremely targeted. We’ll turn them into fans that scream “take my money”!

In this training I reveal my “secret sauce”. Alright… I don’t have a secret sauce. I just have proven methods that have helped hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs. 

Quantum Leap Program

In my new program “Quantum Leap” I help you figure out exactly what products you can sell to your audience and how your audience become raving fans of your brand.

I show you how you can build, grow and leverage your audience to sell your physical product.

With exclusive scripts and automation we approach each follower and turn them into a fan. We reverse engineer a product cycle. Think of it like Kickstarter, but we even reverse engineer that. Kickstarter projects develop a product idea and put it live for anyone to buy it. Most fail.

Do you know what the problem with today’s Kickstarter projects, products, brands or eCommerce sellers is? They create a product that they aren’t even sure if it will succeed. Worrying, unable to sleep with their investment in limbo, until the product goes live. Launch-day comes and they don’t sell a single piece. Heartbreaking. I’ve seen it many times over.

Now imagine how a follower that has influence on your upcoming product will behave when your product (that he was crucial to build) goes live. You guessed it, they’ll knock down your doors to get their hands on it. Create a product that sells. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Take out the guesswork of what your product should be able to do.

How? By involving your followers right from the beginning, we build a community driven brand & product. With my strategy we weed out product ideas that won’t sell. We only focus on products that we KNOW will succeed. With a prepared script and questionnaire, we keep followers in the loop.

We document each step of the way when developing the product. From the first sample to eventually launching it. Your followers will be so excited for “their” product that I guarantee you will sell out quickly… thinking to yourself why didn’t I order more…

We scale your business with the help of eCommerce giants like Amazon. We’ll catapult your products into best seller ranks at the blink of an eye. So what are you waiting for? Hit that button 🙂

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No Limits!


Everything you need to build a 6 figure eCommerce business, import faster, better and smarter from China. 

6 figure eCommerce business


I will  help you figure out exactly what product to sell, where to get it, which platform to sell and scale it to 6 figures in 12-18 months. And yes, I guarantee results that smell fantastic *wink*.

Learn how to import from China

Master Class

Everything you need to know about finding the right supplier in China, negotiate pricing, get samples, have a quality inspection, ship to your home country and comply to your local import requirements. 

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Not sure what your product needs to meet legally when importing from China? I made it simple for you with my Product Requirement Profiles (PRP’s)

6 figure eCommerce business

Quantum Leap


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Learn how to import from China



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Be aware of Import Requirements



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Hi there! I am Manuel, and I am the founder of ImportDojo. I am an Amazon seller myself. I am not your “guru” who sold 50 pieces on Amazon and then created his own course. I’ve been selling online since 2014 and have even started my own trading company selling to retail. I’ve done 7 figures in sales and profits.  I have worked in the manufacturing/import/export industry over 20 years.

I’ve written several books and content on the subject. Whats more, I speak publicly at large events within Asia, Europe and North America on the subject of manufacturing in Asia as well as selling online or building your eCommerce brand.

I’ve built 2 brands, one of which I already sold for mid 6 figures. My goals is to help you build your own business from the comforts of your home. So that you’ll be able to escape the hamster wheel.


The complete beginners guide
to importing from China.


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