Brand Building Essentials Checklist- Part 2

Brand Building Essentials Checklist- Part 2 – In last week’s blog post we officially started the Zero to Hero: Build a Brand Series. In our first topic, we uncovered the essentials of what makes a great brand. Today we will continue the series by expanding further into branding. 

Brand Story

With lots of brands coming up everyday, it’s essential to differentiate your brand from others – especially if you want to expand further than Amazon. Having a story or a purpose for your brand will help you connect with customers and gives a human touch to the company. 

Before coming up with a story, ask some key questions:

    • Who is my target market? (Age, Income Levels, Gender)
    • Why am I selling this/these products?
    • What problem/need I want to solve?
  • Why did I start this brand/company?

These will all help you come up with a good story that you can use both in your products and marketing materials. One of the most viewed pages on a company’s website is the About Us page – customers/viewers want to know who they’re purchasing from. They are more willing to purchase from a company they can connect with. This will be the foundation of building a customer base off your site and be different.

Here are some examples of how some brands applied their stories into their whole company profile:

Yellow Leaf Hammocks

Whipping Post

Au Lit Fine Linens

Great brands focus on their story to sell their products. 

Creating a Slogan

Slogans are a key part to branding because they either:

    • Tell viewers what your brand is about
  • Deliver the brand/company message

This will be even more important if you choose to go the unique brand name route. While having a unique brand name has a lot of benefits, potential customers will have no clue what your brand is about, unless your Logo is related to the category/niche you’re selling. A good slogan has to be very short, memorable and unique.

A good place to start is Shopify’s Slogan Generator.

Let’s say your brand sells natural teas and promotes a healthy lifestyle. We will use the main keyword “Tea” and see if the slogan maker generates something that fits our brand.

As you can see the program generated over 1,076. It’s important to choose a slogan that fits your brand and the products you will sell. Generators are good for brainstorming ideas and inspiration – using the slogans the generator give you is not recommended. However, you can pick a slogan that fits you and modify it as your own. 

Hiring a Designer 

The final step is to put all these great ideas to mind and find a designer to put your brand to life.

Ideally, choose a designer which has the following attributes:

    • A great portfolio
    • Experience working with medium/large companies
    • Experience in E-commerce design
    • His/her experience is not limited to logos only. This is because you will need to apply the same branding throughout packaging, website design, inserts etc.
  • Ideally has worked with clients in your same niche/category 

Here is an email/proposal template I use on freelance websites. I always try to give as much detail as possible. This helps me filter candidates who are truly interested/passionate.

Subject: Seeking Brand Designer For E-Commerce Brand

We are an up and coming E-Commerce brand specializing in the [Niche/Category]. The candidate we’re looking for should have:

– Experience working with E-Commerce brands, preferably in the [Your Niche/Category].

– Extensive branding experience. Preference will be given to candidates with experience in the following categories:

1.      Logo Design

2.      Marketing Materials & Inserts

3.      Advertising Design

4.      Product Design & Packaging

If you’re interested in forming part of our team, you should provide us with:

– Portfolio of your designs – E-commerce/brand related preferred.

– Rate Sheet with your pricing.

– Proof of Experience/Work with medium to large brands.

Our budget is of ***$/***€, however, this is flexible for the right candidate/s. We have additionally attached:

– A brief overview of our brand.

– Description of our product/s.

– Some Logo and Designs we like. These can be used as inspiration for the project.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,


Managing Director


The Importance of Building a Brand

With the effects of globalization becoming stronger, more people are looking into creating new income streams, one of them is E-commerce. This is especially true in emerging economies where people are exploring different ways of making money. Competition is at an all time high as more new sellers from different nations and income levels are diving into E-commerce & online selling.

Having a good product will come first, however, repeat customers and word of mouth is priceless for long term success & growth. This is happening more often on large E-commerce sites like Amazon, where private label sellers have similar products targeting the same audience. The only way for a customer to issue a purchase is:

– Price




This becomes complicated when most of the products have the same design. In fact, at the slightest change from Amazon, they lose sales since there is no control. The only way moving forward is to build a brand both on and off Amazon, expand globally & build a trusting customer base


In the next blog post of the series we will move on to Business Incorporation and how to legally protect your E-commerce business. Specifically, we will cover:

    • Why incorporating your business is essential for growth and expansion.
    • Corporate Structures – LLC/LTD vs S-Corp.
    • US LLC Overview and how to register an LLC as a US non-resident.
    • A comparison between the best countries to incorporate.
  • Business Banking – A look into business credit cards, online banks and currency accounts.


We hope you’re finding this series valuable, if you have any questions or if you would like something added into the series, kindly leave a comment below.

All the Best & Happy Selling,


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4 years ago

Since I started following you, I feel like I am on the right track. I spent the last couple of weeks to create my unique brand, logo, websites and now trying to open a bank account, which you will be covering next week.

Next weeks post is so valuable for me as I am from UK and planning to use amazon US for FBA.

Can’t thank you enough for your brilliant support.



4 years ago

Thanks Muhammad, new post out this Thursday (and its good!) 🙂


4 years ago

For a small startup, what budget do you typically write in such a letter? I’d love to understand this better if attracting talent. Thank you.


4 years ago

Hi Marie,
I’d say 500-1000 is minimum budget if you want to attract talent. You’ll get offers below that but I found that the job done was not well executed below 500$.
Hope this helps 🙂


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