Here's what some of my students have to say

Absolutely impressed so far and 3/4 into the program. He has put a lot of effort into this and its like watching a series on Netflix, you just want to know what happens next [...]
I have already learned more with this course than any other course I've taken which has been quite a few. And he has broken every step [...]
The best I've seen so far. He really explains in depth how to find the right products and to chose the supplier to work with.His techniques are quite professional and great [...]
Drum roll:- Very comprehensive - very knowledgeable man and an absolute pleasure to to listen and learn from somebody who genuinely knows what he is talking about [...]
I hear a lot of information before, but Manuel does an incredible job putting it all together so that finally makes sense [...]
[...] My first product arrived on Amazon a couple of days ago on Amazon, mostly thanks to your course (and my hustling :P). I am planning a proper appraisal to you and your team, on this FB group, after that. Thank you very much again!
Just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. If it wasn't for you and your videos I wouldn't have the courage to do this. People like you are very rare nowadays. Thank you!
Manuel is the real deal. A couple of days ago I connected with Manuel at the Canton fair in China. Not only was he open to connecting outside a client-relationship but he was very supportive and helpful. I have a good sense of people and I am looking forward to work with Manuel in the future. He really knows his stuff and really has a genuine interest in helping others. Thanks Manuel for the information you share. Look forward to more in the future. High five!
Hey all, I joined this group a few months back because I had a corporate client and I needed some import advice from China. I never even heard of FBA and didn't even know you could import straight to Amazon etc... but thanks to Manuel I am now live in 5 countries [...]
Guys I am sure you don't need more motivation but it can never hurt. Just broke the 1K units 30day barrier. Started about 6 months ago [...]
Hi Manuel, we got our first products into FBA by following your course. It would have been much harder to do without you [...]
Manuel all members of this group should should be even more grateful to have found you. You are without any doubt one of the most helpful teacher I've been given to meet online and I have met quite a bunch. You are always available and just give give give [...]
Hi Manuel. First of all, I dont know how to thank you for this class. I took 5 different courses before and none of them are as comprehensive as yours. I am almost half trough and I can't wait to import [...]
This course is simply fantastic. Manuel provides a step by step method that just about anyone should be able to follow. You can tell by going trough the course that he has knowledge and background of a true importer [...]
Der Kurs ist ideal geeignet um einen generellen Überblick über die wichtigsten EU/US Richtlinien in Bezug auf Produktsicherheit & Standards zu kommen. Durch den Kurs bekommt man das nötige Grundverständnis und ist somit in der Lage sich [...]
Manuel is the real deal. I am so tempted keeping him secret except it won't be fair on him because he so deserves to be "known" and it will also not be fair on those , like me, who really need his help and benefit immensely [...]
HI Manuel here's an update: I started my business along becoming a ImportDojo Masterclass member 8 months ago. What happened after this is nothing short of amazing. We just hit $30,000 in monthly revenue on Amazon with 6 SKU's! I truly appreciate your guidance along my private label journey. Your course helped me to avoid a lot of the common pitfalls [...]
A great "over the shoulder" course on importing goods from China. Manuel has several good tips that I haven't seen covered in other importing or private label courses. Manuel shows details [...]
This course if perfect for people who are interested in getting into the field of importing and and selling goods online. Manuel goes into great detail on how to select profitable products to sell on platforms such as Amazon [...]
This is an insane deal. Since ImportDojo Masterclass you continue to over deliver content [...]


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