Sourcing at the HK Electronics Exhibition

I went to the Hong Kong Electronics Fair in Wan Chai early morning today.

Here is a general link of the fair:

It is hosted by HKTDC (Hong Kong Trade Development Council) and it’s located at the Wan Chai exhibition centre which is the biggest exhibition centre in Hong Kong.

I mentioned about the fairs from HKTDC in the Import Bible. They are the biggest in Hong Kong and they host most of the fairs here. They cover all kinds of products from Jewellery to Electronics to Textile, Gifts & Premiums and much more.

The easiest, fastest & cheapest way to get to the exhibition grounds is by MTR (Subway). You can take a taxi as well which is pretty cheap compared to western countries but it might be difficult to get a taxi in the mornings.

Head over to Wan Chai MTR and exit at A5 (HK Convention & Exhibition centre).



Just follow the crowd on the skywalk towards the exhibtion centre. There’s a lot of promoters running around handing out leaflets & maps already. Grab one.




If you have previously visited you can go directly to the service counter and ask them to look up your name to get your entry badge. If you have pre-registered you can go to the “pre-registration” lane and get your entry badge. If you are a new visitor and haven’t registered you can apply and should have your entry badge within a few minutes. Remember to bring your name card.

Since I visited every year they have records of my data and the application was done within a few minutes.



There are 3 halls that cover all kinds of consumer electronic products. Hall 1 is usually the biggest hall with all the big brand names and most likely the one with the newest developments. Hall 1 includes big brands and suppliers from overseas as well. But dont expect Sony, Bose or Philips to have a booth.

Mostly Asian brands will exhibit. Hall 3, is a bit smaller has some new products as well and mostly manufacturers of China & Taiwan. Hall 5 has the least suppliers/booths and most of them trading companies. But you might spot a great deal at some of the booths in Hall 5 from small factories.

To start the day I went into Hall 1 to check out the new trends.


I recommend you to start off at a corner and then walk each aisle till the end until you cover all booths.


There were a lot of tablet & display manufactures at the beginning of the hall.


Then I saw one Multi-room WiFi speaker system after the other. When I went to the exhibition in October 2014 there were zero. That was also the time that I started to develop my WiFi system. Here are some of the WiFi speakers that I saw today:








There were a lot more and I was really astonished how it had slipped by me in the last few months that more suppliers other than me were working on this. Prices started at 49USD up to 199USD depending on the quality of sound and order quantity. However I have an advantage over these guys, none of them has a ready for production speaker as they are all in development stage. So I am happy with my development.

I grabbed a few catalogues and asked for prices, just in case.

Then I saw this really cool car infotainment system that connects via AppleCarPlay. Got to look into this.



There were a few home-automation providers as well. Everything seems to get automated these days and the systems & software are getting better each day. Imagine to read the news in your bathroom mirror when you brush your teeth and then head over to the kitchen where your speaker is playing soothing music.


I was surprised I only saw 1 supplier of Virtual Reality (VR) googles. I checked it out but they were nowhere near the quality of Occulus or Samsung Gear VR. Watch out for this product category, it’s going to get very big in the coming years.

Saw some chicken & duck in between that I decided to skip for lunch.

I also saw a lot of action cameras just like the GoPro, starting from just 20USD for simple models up to 49USD for HD WiFi cameras:



Next up, 700USD 4K HD 50 inch TV’s as well as glasses free 3-D 4K displays.


Headphones of different qualities, starting from 4.99USD up to 65USD.


I wonder how this factory survives selling boom-box speakers anno 1983.

Waterproof Bluetooth speakers.


This was a cool item. A GSM, bluetooth enabled super slim mini mobile phone. Back to the roots in terms of design and functions. Available from 31USD.


Then I saw the most common items such as blenders, microwaves, vacuum cleaners and fans.

A little robot in between that promises to stimulate the “human brain”. I didn’t really understand what it did.


Then I saw this. A pretty cool device that would sell extremely well on Kickstarter or Indiegogo. A Flash drive that can stores songs, movies, pictures, documents and back ups all your data from iOS & MAC devices. Plug & Play, no USB cable needed. Goes for 19.90USD.

I also saw a couple of drones but not too much. There will be an exhibition at the Asia World Expo from 18th of April catering solely to Drones:


Now this is a really cool area outside the main halls. There is a “small order zone” that caters to drop-shippers and smaller importers. Exhibitors display their items that you can buy from quantities as low as 10-20 pieces. Its just like going on but much better prices and you can actually see the real product. This might be great for people starting off.

Then I went to Hall 3 & 5. Two words: smart watches & wearables. Everywhere I went I saw smart watches and wearables.

Prices started at 10USD all the way up to 99USD or more.


Wouldn’t you know there is the first Apple watch copy. Starting at just 35USD. I checked but the software and interface was nothing unlike Apple. I wonder who is going to buy these watches, risking any lawsuits from Apple.

Some of the big brands for wearables were also there. I wonder how are they going to survive among all the cheap imitations.

3D printers everywhere. I am lost in functions with all the available models.

If you haven’t gotten an inspection company yet, there are also quite a few booths of them there. You can sign up or inquire about their services right at the booth.


Last but not least, if you feel you missed something you can grab one of the big & free catalogues that have 200 pages of suppliers and products with nice pictures and contact information in there.

All in all I didn’t see anything that gave me a “WOW” effect except the fast development of some product categories. Having said that its probably because I keep up to date with developments. But it is definitely worth to see the show. I recommend you spend at least 2 days so you can cover all your products and categories.

You can also grab a cup of coffee in between and enjoy the view of the city outside.

I hope I could give you some insight on the trends and the scale of the show.

As always, comments and feedback are welcome.

all the best,



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Helga Baumann

6 years ago

Hallo Manuel, bin ja mächtig stolz auf dich, wie spannend und kompetent du alles kommentiert hast! Thank you for sharing! LG nach HK! 🙂

Angela Allan

4 years ago

Really appreciate you sharing this article.Really looking forward to read more. Really Great.


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