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Proven system to build a 6 figure eCommerce brand. Done For You product research and blueprint to build your own 6 figure eCommerce business in 12-18 months.

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You will have a profitable product In 14 days....*

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Updated, 9 October 2022

Dear business builder,

Do you know the most common problem that aspiring eCommerce builders have today? That’s right… to find a profitable product. But this changes today. I came up with this program to help you. Whether you are just starting out or if you already have a product in mind. 

Enter: Quantum Leap Program

Quantum Leap is my newest program that helps you build your own 6 figure eCommerce business. Why Quantum Leap? Because you’ll jump ahead of the learning curve and will be equipped with a profitable product right from the start. 


In this program I find a product for you and give you a blueprint that explains exactly how you can build a community driven brand or product. Not only will you have a profitable product but also a community that buys your product. 

Forget hours and days of researching a product that will sell. I do all the work for you. You have to reverse engineer your product. And that starts with the customer. 

I got a lot of hate from Youtubers already who try to sell their “old system” teaching you to sell a green dog collar and then just activate advertising and hope for sales.

Advertising is dead. Yes, you heard that right. Maybe not dead on Amazon but competition is so high, if you would really want to sell a green dog collar you’d have to pay between $3,5 – $6 in click costs to make a sale.

You guessed it, that would eradicate your entire profit margin…. Also privacy controls have pretty much killed Facebook/Instagram ads.

And there is only 1 way to really be successful from hereon out. And that’s by building or involving your community. If you already have a community, Facebook group, Instagram followers etc…. , great! If not, I help you build one! And your community will be extremely targeted. We’ll turn them into fans that scream “take my money”

In this program I reveal my “secret sauce”. Alright… I don’t have a secret sauce. I just have proven methods that have helped hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs. 

Quantum Leap Program

In my new program “Quantum Leap” I help you figure out exactly what products you can sell to your audience and how your audience become raving fans of your brand.

I show you how you can build, grow and leverage your audience to sell your physical product.

With exclusive scripts and automation we approach each follower and turn them into a fan. We reverse engineer a product cycle. Think of it like Kickstarter, but we even reverse engineer that. Kickstarter projects develop a product idea and put it live for anyone to buy it. Most fail.

Do you know what the problem with today’s Kickstarter projects, products, brands or eCommerce sellers is? They create a product that they aren’t even sure if it will succeed. Worrying, unable to sleep with their investment in limbo, until the product goes live. Launch-day comes and they don’t sell a single piece. Heartbreaking. I’ve seen it many times over.

Now imagine how a follower that has influence on your upcoming product will behave when your product (that he was crucial to build) goes live. You guessed it, they’ll knock down your doors to get their hands on it. Create a product that sells. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Take out the guesswork of what your product should be able to do.

How? By involving your followers right from the beginning, we build a community driven brand & product. With my strategy we weed out product ideas that won’t sell. We only focus on products that we KNOW will succeed. 

We scale your business with the help of eCommerce giants like Amazon. We’ll catapult your products into best seller ranks at the blink of an eye. So what are you waiting for? Hit that button 🙂

You will have a profitable product In 14 days...

And I work with you until you Launch. That is my guarantee to you!

But wait, you are probably wondering how would I know to build an eCommerce business? Well, when I started my business in 2014,  by mid 2015 I was already $50,000 in debt:

This is my bank account in mid 2015

I had no clue what I was doing. I simply thought I source a few products in China, slap my label on them and customers would come rolling in.

Boy, was I wrong… 

I invested over $30,000 in my business without having a customer! I simply thought I could cold call retailers and sell them my products. I had almost 20 products ready under my “brand”….

But after months and months of rejections from customers I realised this is not going anywhere. In late 2014, trough a friend, I met my mentor.

He told me about selling online in my own shop as well as on Amazon. A program called Amazon FBA. I didn’t even know at the time that you could sell on Amazon as a third party. But Amazon would only be part of my new strategy.

He emphasised on building a product that people actually needed and NOT what I thought people needed. And he told me I need to set up my own online shop. 

I asked him, where do the customers come from for my own online shop? He simply said: by building your own community.

I worked 7 days a week, 12-14 hours per day at times for the next 3 months and it eventually paid off. Fast forward two years later and I had paid of that debt and made an additional $250,000 with my eCommerce business.

This Was my bank account just 2 years later

I regularly had 4 figure days selling my products online. How? I simply created products that people wanted. I involved my customers right from the beginning, building anticipation and excitement for each product launch. In some cases I sold out thousands of units in a few weeks. Some of them became Amazon bestsellers: 

But whats more important, I built my community in the back end and sold via my own shop. By the end of 2017 I had over 5000 raving customers on my email list. Every time I would launch a new product I didn’t need to rely on Amazon’s customers. I had 5000 people who already bought some of my products and every time before I launched a new product I listened to what my customers actually wanted!

At the end of that year I decided to semi-retire. So I sold that brand and all its assets. Including the 5000 people on my email list, my social media channels, my Amazon account and more for a mid 6 figure. I got bored quickly from “semi-retirement” and decided to help people build their own 6 figure eCommerce business. I’ve been helping aspiring entrepreneurs ever since to build their own eCommerce business. 

My expertise has been requested over and over on podcasts, exhibitions and conferences around the world. I’ve spoken at Amazon & eCommerce conferences in the US, China, Hong Kong, Germany, Austria, Thailand and others. I’ve also written and published 4 books on the topics of importing and selling online.

In November 2022 I launched “Quantum Leap”. My new and exclusive program to help YOU build your own 6 figure (the sky is the limit) business. Watch the training below to see how you can build, grow and scale your eCommerce business: 

You will have a profitable product In 14 days...

I work with you until you Launch. That is my guarantee to you!

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So what's in the program?

Warning! Only for people who are hungry to grow and Build Their Business!!!

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Program Overview

01. Program Overview

what you'll learn.

02. Social Media Setup

Proper setup of your social media.

03. Content Preparation

Setting up a content calendar.

04. Building a Community

The heart of this program.

05. Managing your community

Engage & Create a Raving fAn base.

06. Involve your community

The community decides your product

07. Picking A Winner


08. Product Validation

Let the community decide

09. Manufacturing

Lets get your product made.

10. Logistics, Shipping, Etc.

How to ship to your home country.

11. Selling via your own shop

Why having your own shop is key to your success.

12. Selling with Amazon FBA

How to get your first sales in via Amazon.

13. Product Launch Strategy

A Fool Proof Blueprint to get your product on the road.

14. Product Launch

The moment of truth has arrived. Let's do this!

15. Paid Advertising

How to Effectively convert leads.

16. Scaling the Business

The sky is the limit.


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Here's what some of my students have to say

Thank you so much for this service! I am fully motivated and extremely grateful I was able to join your workshop. You were spot on with your product for me. I now have a very clear structure and process for me. Hopefully I can launch this before Christmas! sunny greetings and have a great week! Melanie
Your workshop was very helpful for me and I am extremely thankful for your help and valuable inputs. On one hand you found an ideal product for me and on the other hand you've completely convinced me with the social media strategy you've laid out for me. Now everything makes sense. I am full of energy after the workshop, so thank you again!!
Hi Manuel, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Not only for your empathetic, competent and calm nature but also for all the value and content you delivered during the workshop. I am really motivated with the product you selected for me and now it's time to get the ball rolling.

Frequently asked questions

I should finish my research and deliver within 14 days. On some occasions longer, on some faster. After delivery we’ll set up a 1 hour coaching call (included) to discuss your product. You’ll also get access to my webinar tailor made for this service.

If you want to build your own eCommerce business and work online this program is for you. This program is for both beginners, advanced and professional eCommerce sellers. Whether you are just starting out or need help already selling on Amazon or other eCommerce channels this course is the ideal step by step blueprint to build and run a successful 6-figure eCommerce business.

You will get an automated email from me confirming your payment. You will then be re-directed to an online questionnaire that I have prepared for you that will help me determine which product to find for you. You’ll also receive immediate access to all my courses which you can already start to prepare yourself or you can wait until I send you your product. Within 14 days I will reach out to you with your finished product as well as organising a 1 hour coaching call with you. After our call you’ll get access to the webinar I’ve created for this purpose which you can view anytime, for lifetime. I’ll be happy to discuss further questions for 30 days via email.

Technically yes, but you need the mindset to succeed and you need to put in the work. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme where you can make thousands of $ over night like many “gurus” advertise. However I will do my best to help you succeed.

This heavily depends on the product you choose and the amount of units that you order from a supplier. However I have come to the conclusion that 3,000US$ is the minimum budget. This is calculated from a minimum order of 300 units from a supplier, marketing budget, shipping and other costs.

I recommend that you spare at least 2 hours a day for the first 90 days. If you want to learn first and get started later that is fine too! You can learn at your pace and take it step by step.

YES, absolutely! There are many profitable eCommerce sellers in this program. However your success as a eCommerce seller depends on your discipline and consistent application of the principles taught in this program. There is no way to guarantee that you will be profitable – it all depends on your commitment to learn and grow as a eCommerce seller. However, I guarantee that you will have a profitable product at the end of 90 days. If not, I will help you as long as it takes. 

Yes, absolutely. Matter of fact most people start doing eCommerce besides their main job. You can learn and apply at your own pace. Whether you want this to replace your main income is entirely up to you and certainly possible. I have many students who enjoy their main job very much but have been selling on Amazon for years now to simply increase their savings.

I deliver 1 product idea for you with the entire process and strategy outlined for you. On top of that you get a 1 hour coaching call with me to discuss the project and strategy. You’ll also get access to a tailor made webinar that you can watch anytime, anywhere lifetime. Plus I give you lifetime access to all my ImportDojo courses (Masterclass, Certifications) for free with a value of 297$.

Yes, this is a one time payment with access for lifetime. No further or hidden costs added. You get full access to all content (and me) right after purchase.

You’ll be re-directed to the members area where you can watch the program at your own pace. You’ll have lifetime access to the entire program and 90 days personal support from me directly!

Believe it or not, every second email I receive is “how do I find the right product”? Some people struggle finding a product, not sure about its profitability or if it is feasible at all. Many times when I then speak to these people they just need re-assurance from a professional that the product(s) they picked are worth it. Often times the product they picked is doomed. A professional who’s been in the industry for over 20 years can help you determine whether a product is feasible or not. And with this service we go straight to finding you a product without you even having to look. If you already have an idea you can include these in the questionnaire I’ll provide for you and I will consider them in my research.

Yes! This program was released in September 2022. I recorded all content completely NEW!

Due to the digital nature of course contents, the 90 days guarantee, video/group calls and exclusivity of this program, I am unable to offer refunds for this program.

You can watch my YouTube videos, or read my blog posts and many ebooks that I authored to determine whether or not I am trustworthy. 


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