Q2 update, Cryptocurrency gains & personal goals for 2018

As you know from my previous post I’ve taken a bit of a time out in Q1 of 2018  and travelled a lot. Last stop was Bali were we I had a bit of a workation with friends in the industry and where I also found my next project.

The Bali Digital Nomad gang 

After Bali it’s been a little quiet around me but thats because I’ve been frantically working on 1 big project.

So for the last 2 months I have been working on a few new projects but 1 big project that brings me back to my roots – importing from China.

I cant say much about it yet but I can already tell you we are in talks with big partners who endorse the project and want to see this get off the ground as soon as possible. This could revolutionise the importing/exporting industry.

I can tell you already that the company is registered, domain is bought and we are working on milestones and talking to investors. This is bigger than anything I’ve ever done but it is really exciting to work on a project this size. Best of all, it will help my community of eCommerce sellers and importers, namely: YOU. Stay tuned for more updates on this in the coming weeks.

So whats next?

I will continue to focus on this 1 project and be in Europe most of the Summer (1st June – 14th of September). I’ll be hiding in my sanctuary in Sweden for most of the time, visit family and friends in Austria, 1 conference I am attending and head back to Asia mid September. After that I am heading to Australia/Tasmania for 1 month with 2 of my best friends on a road trip.

Back to Hong Kong in October and then (still waiting for approval) hoping to join the Nomadcruise 7 in November (https://www.nomadcruise.com/nomad-cruise-7/).

I’ve heard a lot about the Nomadcruise and a few friends have been on it so I wanted to check it out. You are basically on a cruise ship travelling from Spain to Brazil for 14 days. There’ll be workshops and events so if you are looking to become a Digital Nomad this might be the best place to start.

I’ll be working on all my projects remotely. That’s the beauty of Entrepreneurship and the Internet. Meeting all these people on the road is great to expand your network and even find job opportunities or cooperations with other eCommerce entrepreneurs.

1 guy I met in Bali quit his job in August 2017 went onto the Nomadcruise 5 and found someone he’s is cooperating with and now living in Bali working on his dream.

How am I affording all of this? My remaining Amazon business is running on auto-pilot, the sourcing business (www.asiainwest.com) is running smoothly (check it out if you need help sourcing from China) and my online courses continues to grow in memberships (https://importdojo.com/courses/).

If you want to learn how I built my eCommerce brand, sell on Amazon and make an income check out my courses. Anyone can do this. I m not a rocket scientist and not the smartest person around to be honest but when I started my journey I read up on everything that I could get my hands on. In 2014 I didn’t even know how to build a website or run a blog.


Another thing that gave me a bit of freedom and helped immensely to subsidise my Amazon inventory purchase is Cryptocurrency. Don’t laugh it off. I invested 600$ in July 2017 and made nearly 40,000$ by end December. Frankly speaking anyone could have made money last year with that bull run and I do believe it is about to happen again this year.

Portfolio in July 2017

Portfolio 1st week of January 2018

Admittedly the big crash in January did some damage but I was lucky to have sold some of that by 2nd week of January by researching past market trends. I went back into the market beginning of March with 1000$ and my portfolio is doing rather well and I do believe we are about to go on a bull run again. If you are curios, these are my current holdings (in no particular order): EVE, ARY, PRL, ETH, OCN, POE, REQ, SUB, NEU. You can check out https://coinmarketcap.com/ to learn more about these.

I m not an investment advisor nor should you take my advice for investment but even if you put only a few hundred $ in cryptocurrency you should see some returns by year’s end. I’ve learned not to trade but to hold on long term. Every time I did some short time trades the coin I sold went up in value. So HODL your positions 🙂

I personally have larger positions in alternative coins (Altcoins – such as the above) than in the big ones (BTC, ETH, XRP etc.) as the growth potential for the smaller Altcoins is much higher.

Don’t know how how to buy Cryptocurrency? Register with Coinbase buy some Ethereum (Bitcoin is much slower and fees are higher), create an account on Binance (Binance is the most convenient and largest exchange in my opinion) send that Ethereum to Binance and start buying your first Cryptocurrency/Altcoins.

Do your own research but I recommend coins/projects that have a good team, working or alpha product released and real life use cases. My portfolio above are all projects that are in my area of expertise (eCommerce, logistics, import/export). Never invest more than you can afford to loose.

However be aware. Crytpocurrency is a VERY volatile market and within a few days you could loose all (or double your money). It’s an emotional roller coaster. So never invest more than you are willing to loose. A few people I know have made thousands of $ within a few hours. Personally whenever I invest I try to take out the initial investment once the price climbs. That way all you have left is “play money” and you won’t be so emotional.

Personal Update

I believe a healthy mind & body is key to being successful in business. The depression (last blog post) and some personal and family issues have really taken its toll on my body. I now realise really being out of shape was one reason why I was so depressed in Q1. When I started working out again in March this year I not only felt my spirits lifted but my mind was more focused on tasks & work in general. Which eventually helped me with my new project and finding passion again.

I used to only do cardio which is fine if you want to stay in shape but if you really want to get in a great mental and physical shape lifting weights is the best thing to do. At least for me it helped immensely. I feel much better mentally now than I did in Q1.

I do try to mix it up with cardio/hiking/running (30%) and lifting weights (70%) at the gym. Gym alone would be boring and I love the Outdoors 🙂

Here’s a before and after: (NSFW) 🙂


Beginning of March

22nd of May

That’s all for today, stay tuned for updates from the road 🙂

All the best and happy sourcing,



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Andrei A.

3 years ago

Thanks for the update, Manuel. I look forward to learning more about your big project.


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