Get 27 Product Requirement Profiles (PRPs)

A clear picture of all the regulations that a certain product falls into. Save countless hours!

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What’s included?

27 product requirement profile PDFs

Categories include Kitchen, Electronics, Food, and more!

PRPs include country requirements, laws, and certifications

Why do I need it?

Send specific PDF reports to your China supplier

Supplier knows exactly what you are looking for and if they can provide it

Ensure you meet all standards

How do I get it?

This is a set of 27 downloadable PDFs

Get access to the PDFs for a one-time payment: Full access

Which Products Are Covered?

You will get a collection of 27 PDF reports for each major product category. No fluff. Actionable PDFs guaranteed.

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Bathroom & Sanitary

Battery Products

Bicycles & Helmets

Commercial & Industry Equipment


Decorative Items



Food & Supplements

Garden & Outdoor

Household Products

Indoor Furniture

Indoor Lighting

Household Appliances


Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Lighting

Pet Accessories

Plant Products

Radiation & Sonic Radiation

Radio Frequency Devices

Solar Lighting

Sports & Outdoor Products


Toys & Children Products

Wood & Packaging

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4 Reasons To Get The PDFs Now

Instant access to 27 PRP Reports

You could spend countless hours searching for regulations, laws, and certifications, or you can access these done-for-your reports.

Real product examples

Each PRP report includes real examples you can utilize when sourcing your own products from China.

Made specifically for sourcing products

Every PDF report is fine-tuned to help you source products immediately. You can customize the reports to your needs and send them to suppliers.

100% money-back guarantee

Not satisfied? We will refund your purchase in full. No questions asked.

A Word From The Creator

My name is Manuel and I am the founder of ImportDojo. I have worked in the manufacturing, import, and export industry for over 20 years. I’ve written several books and content on the subject.

In 2014 I started my own trading company as well as building several eCommerce businesses. I sell with several brands on Amazon as well as traditional retailers and on my own eCommerce stores.

I speak publicly at large events within Asia, Europe, and North America on the subject of manufacturing in Asia as well as selling online or building your own online business.

This product was created out of necessity; I source many products from China and needed these PRPs to send to suppliers.

Manuel Becvar

Get The 27 Product Requirement Profiles

Tap into multiple decades of expertise in sourcing products from China and save countless hours.

PRPs for every product category out there

Real examples are included for you to cater the PRP to your needs

PRPs include country requirements, laws, and certifications

Guaranteed to give value or 100% money back

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