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Importdojo Certification

$ 199 (one time payment)
  • 8 modules / 89 lessons, over 6 hours of video
  • The worlds ONLY course on regulations, certifications and compliance
  • Understand the basic requirements you need to fulfil when importing from China
  • Have actionable and case study examples on how to make a product compliant to standards and laws
  • Understand the jungle and maze of European & North American regulations & legislations
  • Know how to fill out EC-DOC documents, self declarations and issuing certificates
  • 27 Product Requirement test plans to send to your supplier
  • Import any product from China to the US & Europe while complying with all national laws and standards
  • Contacts of third party testing companies
  • Know where to save money on testing and compliance. Things that no testing company will tell you!
  • 4 case studies on different examples showing you exactly how you can find out what your product needs to meet legally
  • Know what products do not make sense when importing them.
  • Costs of testing companies and how to avoid them
  • EU regulation 2019/1020 (Marktueberwachungs Verordnung) compliant
  • Lifetime access!
  • Money back guarantee!

Importdojo masterclass

$ 299 (one time payment)
  • 2 courses - over 130 lessons
  • ImportDojo Certifications (80+ videos)
  • From China to Amazon Case Study (54 videos)
  • The only "look over my shoulders" course on the internet showing you from scratch how I pick a product and supplier, produce, inspect, ship to Amazon and sell my product.
  • 6 months case study of a real life product which becomes a bestseller
  • Get insight into how to evaluate what suppliers are worth contacting and how to avoid time wasters
  • Learn to formulate emails and see the scripts I use to get the results you are looking for quickly
  • Learn the best ways to calculate shipping costs and all other customs and duties to get accurate landing prices for delivery to your warehouse/fulfillment center
  • Create shipments and sending your goods from China to Amazon directly
  • Advanced Members Secret Facebook Group
  • Countless templates, supplier scripts, contracts
  • 27 Product Requirement test plans to send to your supplier
  • Contacts to my shipping and inspection company
  • The Import Bible PDF
  • Lifetime access!
  • Money back guarantee!

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