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Masterclass Module 5

During & after your trip
In this module I will give you guidelines where you can get your visa, how to book hotels and whether you need a translator. We then dive into exhibitions like the Cantonfair, what you need to bring, what kind of questions you should be asking and how you can identify the “good from the bad” while at the fair. I’ll speak about exhibitions, which ones there are, how to walk them and most of all make the trip and effective one. You’ll learn how to sort out the time wasters and how you can differentiate trading companies from actual factories. In case you are planning to visit an actual factory I will guide you how you can arrange a trip hassle free without worrying about anything. Be it how to arrange a meet-up, how to get from factory to factory or what types of questions you should be asking when at the factory. Finally I summarize how you can maximize the trip results when you arrive back home. Get started now and check out the content below.
travel to China
The smartest ways of travelling within China.
Why you don’t really need a translator.
How to find real factories and great products at exhibitions.
Make the best out of a factory visit.
Time to sit back & relax? Unfortunately not
A short summary & some smart ways to make sourcing in China work.