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Masterclass Module 4

Going To China - Preparations & Things You Need To Know
Have you ever wondered if it makes sense for your business to go to China? You''ll find out in this module at what point it actually makes sense to go to China. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned importer I will cover everything you need to know before taking your first trip. I walk you trough cultural differences, do’s and don’ts in China and how to properly communicate your needs. You will know exactly on what you need to prepare before you travel to China. Be it Visas, hotel, train or flight tickets, you’ll understand how you can travel around China not even needing a translator. This module will make you confident on taking the next step and actually visiting China. Get started now and check out the content below.
Not so fast, the most important things to consider before you hop on a plane.
Why you should visit the factories in person.
Ni hao! Eat some delicious dumplings and try your Chinese.
When is the right time to take the trip and why you need to go sooner or later.
How to prepare for your trip and get the most out of it.
Whats the other guy doing at my factory?
Your private label is selling well? How about creating a brand?
There’s more than Alibaba and these places will blow your mind.