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Module 1

Masterclass Module 1: General Manufacturing | Price Negotiation & Tactics | Supplier Relationship & QC

In this module you will learn when it is time to re-order and how you can best prepare for a re-order. I will show you why it is so important to build a relationship with your supplier. Building a relationship with your supplier will put you in a unique position and ahead of your competition. I will also show you the most common mistakes when importing and how you can avoid them. You will learn what the Chinese New Year is and what it means for your business, how you can best prepare for this period of the year and avoid being out of stock for two to three months. Within this module you will learn how you can avoid and counter - price increases and how you can convince your suppliers to keep old prices. I also look into some advanced tactics on getting the price you want or at least find a workable solution for both sides. I explain which areas in China are actually the ones where most of the production is going on. This module will help you to negotiate better on your next order. You learn what private label means, what products do not make sense to private label, how to get mock up and prototype samples and other important topics that will help determine the success of your import from China. You will learn how you can determine good factories from the bad ones and how to manage all your communication documents and not get lost with all the information that you collect. I will discuss some basics on legal requirements, anti dumping rates and product liability insurance. QC is also covered however this is a brief intro on the subject only. The Certification Course covers everything in depth in terms of compliance on many product categories.
Time your re-orders right and make them hassle free.
Avoid delays and understand the impact of this holiday for your business and warehousing needs.
Learn why it is so important to keep in touch with your supplier and how to build lasting relationships..
The top 5 common pitfalls when importing from China.
Don’t let suppliers easily increase prices. Understand how to deal with this in a professional way.
Insider tips & tricks to negotiate and get the price you want!
Know the main production areas in China and why you shouldn’t buy electronics in Beijing.
Product categories you should absolutely avoid.
Its never been easier to make prototypes of your designs.
How you can create your own Amazon private label with little upfront investment.
Your customers will thank you for proper instruction manuals in English.
Save every file you ever get, you might need it one day.
Which quality management standards you need to know and how they differ from each other.
Not every factory makes everything themselves. Matter of fact they all outsource these days.
Save yourself from a nightmare. How to keep your supporting documents organized.
Make sure your QC process is top notch from day one.
Know the absolute minimum requirements your products need to meet.
Reasons why these rates exist and how to avoid them
Don’t test your luck, decide when to have insurance for your products.