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Certification Module 4

North America Overview
In this module I walk you trough the most common regulations and legislations within the US. You’ll learn the basics and will understand what all the standards and laws mean for your product and how to apply them. I break down each legislation and connect the dots for you to help you understand how they apply to you and your product. I’ll show you some easy ways on how to make your product compliant without spending thousands of dollars yet still making sure to import a safe product. You’ll walk away understanding FDA, FCC and many others as well as how to label your product and what regulation applies to your product Import to the US with confidence
north america overview
The Consumer Products Safety Commission regulates and implements laws and standards. Listen in and get to understand the regulations in the US.
The Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act is the extension of the 1976 CPSA and most updated directive on regulations.
A Child Product Certificate is necessary when importing children's products into the US. See what that means for your products.
The General Certificate of Conformity is used on most Consumer Products and can help you to comply with standards and regulations.
The FDA or also called the Food and Drug Administration regulates everything around food BUT a lot more. Learn about the FDA in this chapter.
The FCC regulates everything electronics. Learn about the FCC in this chapter.
The California Energy Commission applies to a lot of electronics. Learn more in this chapter.
The Federal Trade Commission regulates labelling and other standards. Find out more in this chapter.
The UL or also called Underwriters Laboratories tests several product categories for the North American market and can help you comply with standards and laws.
The California Prop65 handles chemicals and substances. Find out if this applies to your product.
The Material Data Safety Sheet is essential for some product categories. Get a template and find out how it can be used in this chapter.
The FHSA regulates hazardous substances. See if they apply to you in this chapter.
The Code of Federal Regulations are updated on a daily basis and are there for you to understand the regulations of all consumer products in the United States.
ASTM just like UL issues standards and tests according to them. This will help you make your product compliant.
Labelling is an essential part when importing into the US. Learn how you can apply simple techniques that help make your product compliant in terms of labelling.

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