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Certification Module 1

Introduction & General Guidelines
Have you ever wondered what you need to meet legally when importing from China? Did you know that customs can seize your product if you don’t comply with standards, have certain test reports and legal standards meet? Did you know that Amazon is cracking down on sellers who’s products don’t comply with standards? Have you ever worried about test reports, customs and what national laws and standards you need to meet when you buy a product from China? Not sure what test reports in terms of compliance you need when you import something? Did you ever import a product and it got stuck at customs because it did not have the right certificates that are required for imports in your country? I hope not, because this can cost you thousands of dollars. Amazon and other sales channels will ban sellers that do not comply with standards. Your eCommerce journey will be over before you know it. Then this is the course for you. In this course I walk you through all the standards and laws there are out there for the US and the European Union. In this first Module I explain all the basics to give you a better understanding what you need to meet legally, where you can save money and how to find the right standard for your product. I explain in laymen’s terms what all these standards mean and how you can simply comply to them. I explain the differences of certifications, who pays for them and how you can use a suppliers existing certification.
china certificates
I'll walk you briefly trough all content of the course and shortly explain all modules
In this chapter I explain the background of this course and how I came to make it.
Each country has different requirements and this can be confusing. I explain how this course will help you figure out what you need in your home country.
There are certifications, test reports, legislations, standards and more. I explain what matters to you and how you can differentiate.
You'll learn who and how certificates and test reports are issued in this chapter.
I'll walk you trough what your products need to meet legally and what you absolutely need to have.
Yes and No. Sometimes you can skip a certification or test report and I explain how you can determine whether you need a certificate or not.
Most importers don't even meet national standards and laws. This chapter explains why and how you can take an advantage of this situation.
I'll walk you trough some of the most common testings and how much they cost you.
You'll learn who pays these certificate costs and how you can get your supplier to pay for them.
This chapter explains where you can save a lot of money and how you can make your products compliant at very low or no costs.
This can be quite confusing and I explain what type of certificates are valid for both EU & North America.
See how I get my suppliers to pay for certifcation and tests.
I explain why some suppliers have no certificates at all and why this isn't a K.O. criteria.
I summarize the most important parts of this module and give you a few noted what matters