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Brand Evolution Module 11

Moving Forward
You successfully built a brand from scratch, launched a couple of products and sales are great. What is the next step? Great brands and companies are able to replicate the same strategy and success over multiple markets constantly.   This final module is all about expanding, diversifying and most importantly, establishing your brand as an authority in your target market.   We feel like this topic is very important as most sellers don’t know how to successfully expand their brand! We are lucky enough to be in an exciting time where we have access to software, tools and information through the internet. In this module we will show you how to get your brand more sales and exposure
Moving away from Amazon
2017 should be the year that your business takes off! In this chapter, we give our point of view regarding Amazon FBA and the importance of branching out into multiple sales channels.
Most sellers start their Amazon FBA journey with the US as it's the biggest market. However, don't forget about the EU. Amazon EU has been growing year-on-year and all the marketplaces together sell roughly the same volume as Amazon US.
Amazon Japan is definitely a market to consider if you want to expand your product line into the Asian market. While the sales volume is lower and the culture different, this marketplace is very rewarding for sellers who are willing to sell in Japan!
All the tools & info you need to get started on Amazon Japan.
Branching outside Amazon is very important if you want your brand to survive in the long term. for this reason, we go over other E-Commerce marketplaces in the US that allow third-party sellers.
Walmart and Sears are giants when it comes to retail, however, their E-Commerce is far behind Amazon. Until recently! Both have been investing heavily to attract new sellers in and having your products here will help you gain massive exposure or your brand.
JET has been acquired by Walmart in 2016. This marketplace will become huge in the next few years and they have opened their doors to third-party sellers. In this chapter we go over everything you need to know to register an account on JET.
A brief overview of the JET seller dashboard.
Newegg is a giant in the technology & electronics categories. They also offer a lot of features to sellers who chose to sell on Newegg. This is a marketplace that we definitely recommend you to join!
Exhibitions are a perfect way to pitch your products and meet retailers & suppliers. This chapter will be all about taking advantage of exhibitions to get your brand out there.
This chapter is all about preparing yourself to maximize sales during exhibitions. If you're at a stage where you need to build connections for retail, then this chapter has all you need.
Outsourcing is a very important part if you want to scale your business significantly. This chapter is all about the best practices for outsourcing the key tasks of your business.

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