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Brand Evolution Module 10

Retail & Wholesale
The ultimate goal of any brand or company is to get their products in front of as many customers as possible. The only way to do this is by listing your products through all the sales channels that are available to brands. The most powerful sales channel is retail and wholesaling. Retail has the power to move your product quickly, thus getting huge exposure for your brand and products. Retail is notoriously one of the hardest sales channels to get into. Your products must not only be appealing to consumers, but also packaging and marketing materials have to be of a higher standard than e-commerce. However, one of the hardest challenges is finding retailers who are willing to take on a new brand and its products. Retailers often don’t take huge risks with their capital and prefer to invest in brands that are already established. Larger items also have the issue of shelf space; which in retail is limited. This module is all about showing you the strategy and techniques used to find and contact retailers the world over.  I have extensive experience in getting my products into retail or wholesale and in this module I show how you can accomplish this too.
moving to retail
In this chapter I explain how retail can bring large profits and what you can do to get into retail
In this longer screencast you'll learn how to find retailers, importers, wholesalers, potential customers and much more - from the comforts of your home!
Prepare simple marketing material that makes the difference and makes you look more professional. See how I do it in this video.
I'll walk you trough how you can contact retailers and what you have to look out for. A few tips and tricks that can make or break your first approach.
Just as when you should have contracts with suppliers in China, retailer will want to have contracts with you as well. I give you a few templates and pointers on what to look out for.
We've prepared a simple but very effective cold call and email guideline that you can use to contact retailers and potential buyers.

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