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Brand Evolution Module 7

Amazon is still the biggest ecommerce platform in the world, so naturally, we have a whole module! However, this module will be very different from any other Amazon course out there. In the start of this module we go over the pros and cons of selling on Amazon today; while discussing the recent changes that affected the platform. While this course is all about expanding your brand or products into other sales channels, having leading market share on Amazon is also beneficial for your business. Reviews are the single most important aspect when selling on Amazon. A product with great reviews will not only sell more, but also helps the brand get more established. Unfortunately, getting reviews today is somewhat harder than it used to be due to the recent changes on the Amazon platform. Fortunately, we have a strategy to gain positive reviews while greatly improving your brand’s customer service. Amazon appreciates sellers who go out of their way to enhance the customer experience and by using our strategy, your customers will happily provide great feedback and review.
Introducing the Fulfilled by Amazon program and what it involves.
PPC is very important if you want to drive sales and rank your product higher. To do this, you need a clear strategy in place.
Seller Central will be the backbone of your business. In this chapter, we will give you a full overview of Seller Central and how to access reports.
Amazon Vendor Express Overview.
Amazon Vendor Central Overview.
Everything you need to know to have a successful launch on the Amazon platform.
Reviews and feedback are very important if you want to distinguish yourself from the competition. In this chapter, we give a clear strategy on how to successfully get 5* reviews & feedback - each and every time!

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