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Learn how to build, expand and run your e-commerce venture step by step.

Brand Evolution Module 1

Building a brand
There is a common misconception that building a brand is difficult. While in some cases that may be true, what you need to build a brand is two things: 1. Knowledge about your target market and audience. 2. Acceptance of the fact that brand is a long term strategy. Big multinationals that we know and love have built their empire over decades. However, the advantage that we have today is that all the tools and knowledge are out there to help you get on the right track. This module is all about pointing you in the right direction and not only build a brand that’s loved by its customers, but more importantly, a brand that you’re proud of.
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Everything you need to know about building a brand. From logos to overall branding, this chapter is the perfect starting point to our course!
How to create a logo in an easy and affordable way and discover why branding will help elevate your company's value!
How to create a logo in an easy and affordable way.
How to create a logo in an easy and affordable way.
Slogans are an essential part for any brand, with it you can easily capture audiences and get your message across. Learn how to create an easy and memorable slogan in this chapter.
People love stories! This is especially true for companies, audiences love to buy from companies that put a message across. Not to mention, this is a great way to be unique and different from the competition!
Hiring a designer is an important part of the brand-building process, however, a lot of sellers normally go for the cheapest! Learn where to find great designers at an affordable price that deliver stunning designs/branding.

Brand Evolution Course Modules

Learn How To Build a Brand From Scratch