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Learn how to build, expand and run your e-commerce venture step by step.

Brand Evolution Essentials: Innovation & Business Philosophy

How to set the right course and build a business that lasts.
In this module Jay explains his formula that he used to launch several successful eCommerce brands and the deciding factors that made a difference. You also learn how to leverage innovation to build a strong foundation for your brand and make marketing and promoting your brand a lot easier.
Why it makes sense to build a purpose brand around a single rockstar product.
What to look for when searching the right market you want to conquer.
Details on what markets make sense and why.
Why access to the market matters and what to look out for when thinking about product ideas.
The different aspects and dimensions to keep in mind when researching product ideas.
Some product ideas might sound great but there are several things you need to check before committing to an idea.
My favorite process to refine ideas and make your products better.
Important things to keep in mind when you are ready for product development.

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