ImportDojo Million $ Case Study 2021

Follow along as I build an eCommerce business from scratch in 2021

In 2016 I was the first to publicly fully reveal a product launch. From sourcing the product, to manufacturing, shipping and eventually launching the product on Amazon. Every little step documented in my Masterclass here. You can also find an excerpt of how I made 7,000$in sales in the first 10 days and eventually became the #1 bestseller here

It’s 2021 and I often get the question if it still can be done today. I say yes. And to proof it I am going to build an eCommerce business from scratch (almost). The only things I’ll be using from my existing business is my limited Hong Kong company and existing Amazon seller central account. Everything else is started from scratch. 

In this case study I’ll document everything (again). From sourcing to production, shipping to sales and launch on Amazon. What’s more in this case study I’ll also build an eCommerce store (Shopify), my “secret” traffic weapon as well as full branding around the products. 

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Quick facts: Million $ eCommerce business

What’s the point in all of this?

Like I mentioned, even though people say it is too late and AmazonFBA or eCommerce is too saturated I want to proof them wrong and build a brand from scratch. 

I will record all my work with screen recordings so you can basically watch over my shoulders from day 1 until I reach 1 million $ in turnover. 

And then I thought, why do this alone? Or how can I make this more interesting for people wanting to join in? 

How can I encourage students to actually implement the learned material? So I came up with this additional challenge. 

You have 2 options to follow along or join this challenge: 

Option 1

1) I will publicly upload an update every month here in video for free. These videos will give you a rough overview of what I worked on the whole month. 

But I won’t reveal everything. I will update you here with milestones, challenges, where I am and eventually how much turnover I have reached thus far. However there will still be a lot of gold nuggets here and there 🙂

You can also follow the leaderboard at the bottom of this page to see how my students are doing. 

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Option 2

3) You can join this case study/challenge any time after 15th of June (see pricing below). This will give you access to all my in-depth videos I personally record along the way. There is 1 hour of coaching included with me. But this will enable you just the same to build an eCommerce business by simply copying my process

Plus you have access to all my other courses. And while I build this challenge you can get started learning my older (but still up to date) material.


Most frequent questions and answers

I already have products in mind but other than that I will start from scratch like anyone else. I will purchase 3-4 products from China in the beginning, ship and sell via Amazon FBA. I will also set up an eCommerce store via Shopify that integrates with Amazon Multi Channel Fulfilment. I’ll build social media channels along the way, drive traffic to my listings via a separate website I build, build an email and customer list and eventually will also try to sell via other eCommerce channels such as Walmart. I will also approach retail and wholesale customers. So I am aim to build not just an eCommerce business but an actual brand that also sells to retail. On top of that I will use profits to both invest into new products as well as other financial instruments and make use of compound interest. 

Yes of course. That is the whole point of this challenge/case study. You can follow along, copy my process and apply the process to your project. Of course you’ll have to find your own products 😉 And who knows, you might even beat me to the Million $ in turnover (or 12 months). 

Good question. I recommend anyone wanting to start an eCommerce business to have at least 5000US$ in capital. And to be honest, the more the better. Why? Because to succeed in today’s market you need to differentiate yourself with your product and marketing. So you’ll want a somewhat unique product, your own branding, possibly modify existing products. And for that most suppliers will need a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 1000 units. So if your product already costs 5$ all the capital is gone for the product costs. And you’ll still have inspection, photography, logistics, import taxes & duties as well as marketing to pay for. Other than that you’ll need approximately 10 hours per week, internet access and the motivation to succeed! 

Yes of course you can. Just know that it will be more difficult to get started. You may need to purchase lower MOQ’s and have less capital for essential things like photography, inspection, marketing etc. 


No problem, you can go at your own speed, watch my recordings and copy my process. This isn’t supposed to be a sprint. It is a marathon and you can go at your own pace. 

You’ll get 1 hour coaching with me. We can discuss anything and everything in that call. However you’ll still be responsible for finding your own products. However I will give you directions and help as much as possible. Plus within the members area you will have additional videos on how I personally chose a product.

It might happen within 12 months or take 5 years. But I am committed to provide updates even after 12 months until 1 million $ in turnover is reached. I’ve built a million $ business before. It took me close to 3 years. But knowing what I know now I believe I can do it faster. And you can simply copy my process. 

No, of course not. It is my personal goal for this challenge. But imagine if you do build a million $ business, wouldn’t that be great? 🙂 Even if you only reach a couple thousand $ in profit after 1 year you can proudly look back on what you’ve built so far. The sky is the limit. 

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Option 2

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