Ultimate guide to A+ Content on Amazon

Formerly known as Enhanced Brand Content, A+ content is commonly neglected by sellers on Amazon.

However, if used correctly it can increase your conversion rate, help increase customer loyalty, and increase cross selling between different products in your catalog.

In this Tips edition, I’ll cover

  • What is Amazon A+ Content
  • How to use your A+ Content to increase revenue

What is A+ Content on Amazon?

Formerly known as Enhanced Brand Content, A+ content is the section that shows up underneath your core listing photos/bullet points.

Instead of a simple text-based description, you’re able to use images to design a seamless experience for a customer. In the template designer, you can add different elements consisting of images, text blocks, and more to create an ideal design.

Shown below we can see

  1. Header with logo
  2. Main image with headline filled with benefits
  3. 3 images illustrating the specific features
image 22

Many sellers on Amazon don’t use a lot of text in their A+ content. Instead they use well-designed custom images to create a better experience.

Tip: don’t exclusively use images in your A+ content. Incorporate some text filled with SEO keywords to further help your listing in the Amazon ranking algorithm.

Designing Your A+ Content

A+ content templates can be category specific so the best way to think about your content is to first look at some top competitors in your category.

How are they arranging the different elements?

The basic structure for most A+ content goes like this:

  1. Logo/Header
  2. Product placement – with core feature
  3. More listing features
  4. Variations if they have them
  5. Product comparison table
image 24
image 23

Of these, the Product Comparison table is BY FAR the most important. This gives you a free opportunity to advertise all of your other products on your listing.

For each product, you’re allowed to upload 1 image. I would highly recommend you add a fake button to that image saying “click here” so customers know that they can click on the image.

This will help increase click through rate drastically.

image 25

This is a great free way to increase cross selling between your different products.

Effect of A+ Content on Conversion Rates

Now, we get to the core behind A+ content – does it really help?

In short, no not really.

Numerous studies have tried and failed to find a link between conversion rate and A+ content. The best they could do is say it may help increase your conversion rate by up to 12%.

Datahawk found that A+ content was positively correlated with increased conversion rate – however, the strength of the correlation was VERY weak (for the stats nerds like me the R^2 value was 0.03)

Does that mean A+ content is useless? No, absolutely not.

The best use of A+ content in my opinion is for branding and cross selling different products using that product comparison table module.

2 Actionable Takeaways

Here are actionable takeaways that you can apply to your business today:

  1. Do you have a product comparison table in your A+ content? If not, add it in today. – it takes less than 15 minutes and gives you free visibility to advertise your other products.
  2. Look at your current A+ content. Are you using a mix of text and images? Incorporate both for maximum effect in ranking and conversion rates.

Analyzed by Jon Elder

Jon has sold over $10 million in sales on Amazon since 2014 and exited 5 Amazon brands for millions. He now helps Amazon sellers experience the same level of success through 1:1 coaching. He is happily married with two kids in Texas!