Deal Flow (Feb 8): 3 Amazon FBA, 4 Aged and 6 Branded Domains

This week’s deals feature 3 Amazon FBA businesses for sale from Empire Flippers in the Automotive and Education niches.

For domains, we share findings on 4 aged SEO domains and 6branded domains live at GoDaddy auctions.

2-Year-Old Automotive Amazon FBA Making $3,168/mo on Empire Flippers


Niche: Outdoors/Automotive

Source: Empire Flippers (see listing)

Profit: $3,168/mo from Amazon FBA and Shopify

Asking Price: $120,395 at a 38X multiple using a 12-month average


Here is the Helium10 screenshot for the niche. The listing outlined in red is the relevant listing for this business. This business only sells 1 product with 3 variations.

image 18

Growth Blueprint


  • Well branded product in niche market
  • Strong review structure with 400+ reviews and 4.6 overall rating
  • 18% of revenue comes from Shopify providing diversification from Amazon
  • High net margin of 29%


  • Amazon and Shopify revenue are declining year over year
  • Well optimized already – few easy wins available
  • Size of the business is small
  • There is seasonality in this business

Easy Wins

  • Launch product on
  • Increase advertising spend to drive more revenue


While there are only a few easy wins, there’s a lot to like about this small Amazon FBA business. Featuring only 3 SKUs, this business is extremely simple to operate and has a strong position within a micro niche in the broader automotive category.

One thing that is rare to find in an Amazon FBA business is the 20% of revenue that comes through Shopify. This indicates the possibility of driving external traffic to your products and creates a sustainable moat against competition.

Potential buyers should look carefully into the slight year over year revenue drop though to determine the exact cause.

For investors looking for a stable FBA business that they can build off – by introducing new products and building a brand in the automotive niche – this could be a great platform acquisition.


This business is valued at $120,395 at a 38x multiple over the last 12 months.

With the strong review structure and external traffic potential, this valuation is warranted. At this business size, the seller is likely looking for an all-cash deal with a quick close.

Buyers who can capitalize and close quickly will have the advantage here.

Aged Domain:


Niche: Outdoor

Source: SerpDomains (see listing here)

Age: 2002 (21 Years)

Listed Price: $6,779


woodbury outfitters ahrefs

Notable links: Buzzfeed, Country Living,,,

Site History

This domain was used for an outdoor retail store located in Ohio that sold a wide range of outdoor gear including hunting gear, fishing equipment, camping accessories, clothing, and footwear.

The business opened in 2002 and shut down in 2019. The store had a 43K sq. ft. retail space with an indoor archery range, a hunting simulator, and about 50 employees.

Here’s what the site looked like:

woodbury outfitters archive

Growth Blueprint

The history of this domain and strong link profile provides a good opportunity to grow an eCommerce website selling outdoor products. Based on the history of the domain, it may make sense to focus on outdoor gear for hunters.

Here’s what I would do:

  1. Relaunch an eCommerce site with a similar layout and similar navigation links to the main categories (e.g., Hunting, Outdoors, Fishing, Archery)
  2. Add trust signals to the homepage such as media coverage and popular brand names that are offered
  3. Publish buying guides about specific hunting gear to help visitors choose the best product and brand for their needs
  4. Publish guides or tutorials on niche hunting and fishing topics to attract traffic and links

There are many manufacturers and brands that offer dropshipping of outdoor products. You could also apply to become a dealer for an outdoor product distributor. Some examples of outdoor gear distributors include Hicks Inc, Liberty Mountain, Sportsman’s Supply, and Tactical Dropship.

🚀 Other Businesses For Sale

We cover businesses for sale that are new, aged, or undervalued.

$21.8K/mo Established Amazon FBA Business Selling Kids Education Products (Listed 90 days ago) – New valuation at $1,039,000 at a 48X multiple. 6-year-old FBA business with $2,715,131 in annual revenue in the kids education niche. Differentiated products in a highly emotional niche. There are strong gross margins and multiple opportunities to expand to retail/wholesale or introduce new products. View on Quiet Light

$72.6K/mo Home and Kitchenware FBA Brand (List Price reduced): Listing price reduced by $135,597 indicating seller may want a quick sale. New list price of $410,151 at a 30X multiple. 5-year-old FBA business with $871k in annual revenue and $164k in net profit. Top selling SKU has 8,300 ratings and a 4.6 star average. View on Empire Flippers

🚀 Aged & Brandable Domains

You can repurpose aged domains with an existing SEO profile to build an eCommerce business.

Aged domains currently bidding from $125 to $530 at the time of writing.

  1. Was a self storage delivery service started in 2016. The domain has a DR of 24 and ranks for 360 keywords in the top 100 positions. Backlinks from ProvenExpert, NYU and AppAdvice.
  2. Was a chain of sneaker stores in business from 2010 to 2022. The domain has a DR of 16 and is ranking for 123 KWs. Backlinks from Homestead, BostonGlobe and CBInsights.
  3. Was the site for a green clothing brand started in 2011 with a DR of 45 and ranking for 14 KWs. Backlinks from CBSNews, Huffpost and BuzzFeed.

Branded domains bidding from $10 to $1,325 at the time of writing.


👉 Additional Resources

Make sure to perform detailed research and due diligence when acquiring any eCommerce businesses.

Such businesses have many moving pieces. You should “practice” your due diligence skills by analyzing the listings we provide in this newsletter.

Keep these in mind:

  • Understand the ins and outs of the business model (eCom, Amazon FBA, etc)
  • Before you buy, you should build from scratch a business (ideally)
  • Understand how to read a P&L statement
  • Understand the metrics in Amazon Seller Central
  • Understand the logistics of ordering product overseas

Analyzed by Jon Elder

Jon has sold over $10 million in sales on Amazon since 2014 and exited 5 Amazon brands for millions. He now helps Amazon sellers experience the same level of success through 1:1 coaching. He is happily married with two kids in Texas!