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ImportDojo Masterclass

The ImportDojo Masterclass
I have been helping many students accross the world to get their first product in China, source it, develop it, ship to Amazon and finally launch their product all within Amazon’s TOS with my ImportDojo Masterclass.   You’ll learn everything you need to know about importing a safe and quality product from China with the right supplier. Many of my students have become very successful since joining and are running their eCommerce business today. But don’t be fooled, this is a long process, takes hard work and is definitely no get-rich-quick scheme like many of those “gurus” out there will tell you in "free workshops & how to make thousands of $$ in only 4 weeks”. I won't tell you that you need a 2$ item, fit the product in a shoebox and be below 2 lbs. But I will help you to figure out what niche you could go into & how to grow and scale your business steadily and in time. Personally I think you will need a decent starting capital (ideally 5-8,000$ upwards) and have patience with the process but I guarantee you that if you put in the time and work you too will become successful! Join today and become a professional importer and eCommerce Entrepreneur.
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In this module I’ll talk about when it is time to re-order and how you can best prepare for a re-order. I’ll show you why it is so important to build a relationship with your supplier. Building a relationship with your supplier will put you in a unique position and ahead of your competition. I will also show you the most common mistakes when importing and how you can avoid them. I’ll explain the Chinese New Year and what it means for your business, how you can best prepare for this period of the year and avoid being out of stock for two to three months. Within this module I’ll give you some very effective tips and tricks so that you can avoid and counter - price increases. What’s more, I show you exactly how you can convince your suppliers to keep old prices. I also look into some advanced tactics on getting the price you want or at least find a workable solution for both sides. I explain which areas in China are actually the ones where most of the production is going on. This module will help you to negotiate better on your next order. You learn what private label means, what products do not make sense to private label, how to get mock up and prototype samples and other important topics that will help determine the success of your import from China. I’ll show you how you can determine good factories from the bad ones and how to manage all your communication documents and not get lost with all the information that you collect. I will discuss some basics on legal requirements, anti dumping rates and product liability insurance. This is a brief intro on the subject only. The “Certification Course” covers everything in depth in terms of compliance on many product categories.

In this module I will give you my personal hacks and tricks for Alibaba in over 2 hours of screencast.

I show you exactly how you can identify good suppliers, pick them by region, get the best prices, check their background and how you can differentiate between trading companies and actual factories.

I walk you trough a live example with an actual product from looking it up on Alibaba, analyzing the suppliers profile, preparing the inquiry, checking the offer and weeding out the time wasters.

I’ll also give you some tips on how you can differentiate between actual manufacturer and trading company.

This is the ultimate tool on finding reliable suppliers on Alibaba.

I will give you a general overview of the production areas in China, where to look for specific products, what other sites other than Alibaba are out there and how sourcing companies can help you.

I’ll also give you the honest and brutal truth about developing your own products in China with pointers how you can overcome these problems.

You’ll learn how to work with sourcing companies and what pricing you can expect from them.
In this screencast I show you how you can calculate and estimate shipping costs on your newest product. This step by step guide will let you determine whether a product is feasible or not without having to worry about hidden costs. I explain how you can calculate shipping, import duties and fees and ship your product from China. You’ll walk away with knowledge that let’s you calculate the feasibility of a product in its initial stages. The process can easily be adapted to any product you plan on importing from China so that you won’t end up loosing money.
In this module I discuss at what point it actually makes sense to go to China. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned importer I will cover everything you need to know before taking your first trip. I walk you trough cultural differences, do’s and don’ts in China and how to properly communicate your needs. I’ll give you tips on what you need to prepare before you travel to China. Be it Visas, hotel, train or flight tickets, you’ll understand how you can travel around China not even needing a translator. This module will make you confident on taking the next step and actually visiting China.
In this module I will give you guidelines where you can get your visa, how to book hotels and whether you need a translator. We then dive into exhibitions like the Cantonfair, what you need to bring, what kind of questions you should be asking and how you can identify the “good from the bad” while at the fair. I’ll speak about exhibitions, which ones there are, how to walk them and most of all make the trip and effective one. You’ll learn how to sort out the time wasters and how you can differentiate trading companies from actual factories. In case you are planning to visit an actual factory I will guide you how you can arrange a trip hassle free without worrying about anything. Be it how to arrange a meet-up, how to get from factory to factory or what types of questions you should be asking when at the factory. Finally I summarize how you can maximize the trip results when you arrive back home.
Do you still worry about your importing business sometimes? Wouldn’t it be nice to have it run like you have been running it for a long long time already? Of course it would. Business feels great once routine settles in. This is exactly the point I want to get you to and with this case study you can see a complete product launch that starts from finding the right product, the right supplier and shipping it to Amazon, promoting and selling it. Every little step is documented with a over 50 video tutorials that shows my screen and you can even listen to me talking to suppliers. Best thing about this, I’ve used my own money and try a lot of different things so you can see what works and what doesn’t and learn all this without running your own trial and error experiments. Follow along as I sell out after 7 weeks and make over 10,000$ profit in the process. See how I ended up as No.1 Bestseller in this super competitive category on Amazon after 8 months. I start off by getting basics done like preparing simple files and documents that will help you organize things. I get started by researching the product on Amazon with Junglescout and then begin to evaluate my product idea. I collect ideas how to improve the product and research eventual regulations and certifications I have to meet. I walk you trough how I prepare the inquiry to the supplier. With a simple yet very effective excel file I get ready to find suppliers I then look for suppliers on Alibaba. I show you exactly how I filter the suppliers, weed out the bad ones, how you can spot them and eventually sending them the inquiry. I receive the first offers and evaluate the suppliers briefly. I’ll show you how you can effectively find quality suppliers what their emails and offers tell you and how you can already estimate your landing costs. I also look into preparing a gift box, instruction manual as well as photography for my listing. I further evaluate my final three suppliers and collect all the information I can possibly get my hands on to make a calculated decision with the smallest risk. It’s also time to get the Amazon account started and I’ll walk you trough signing up for Seller Central. You’ll learn how you can finalize the costs, contact a freight forwarder and get quotations for freight costs and what you’ll need to get those You also get 2 forwarder contacts that I use on a daily basis, both of which are trained to deliver to Amazon directly at very low costs. You’ll learn an important step before placing the order – testing your samples and preparing the listing on Amazon. I’ll also show you how you get shipment labels and barcodes that your supplier can print out and put on the product in the factory in China. I walk you trough very important things like contracts, exclusivity agreements and how you can protect yourself when placing the order in China. We’ll also look at my packaging and insert card. Great templates are available in this section to help you protect yourself. I am getting my website as well as my Amazon listing ready and finalise my shipment plan on Amazon. I then coordinate the shipment with my supplier and forwarder. This part will help you sail trough the logistics, customs and import duties maze with a breeze. Finally – the product is in production and I am excited. But not before I let a Third Party company inspect my goods at the factory. In this module I’ll show you can easily book inspections with a reputable third part company online at very low costs. While my product is in production I finalize my Amazon listing and get my website ready. I also prepare my launch strategy and show you how you can launch your first product successfully. With a minor hiccup I get my product to leave from China after 5 months of work. I am excited about this stage and give you a recap on what worked well and what didn’t go so well during the entire process. Not everything goes perfect and I recap the entire project and you can learn from my mistakes. The moment of truth has arrived. My product arrives at Amazon and I launch trough various channels. I reach 10,000US$ in sales after only 16 days. I update the case study 6 & 8 months later. In month 6 I have sold over 2500 pieces and make a monthly profit of 3500US$. After 8 months I reach the Bestseller spot and have sold over 3500 units. If you don’t sell yet, simply sit back and watch the whole process and you can leave all your worries and anxiety behind. Feel confident to launch your own business and become financially independent or simply make your existing import business more efficient. This is it! Can’t be easier!