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Everything you need to know about finding the right supplier in China, negotiate pricing, get samples, have a quality inspection, ship to your home country and comply to your local import requirements. 

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No More Praying and hoping!

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*) I’ve actually lived in Asia for 17 years 😉

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Hi there!

My name is Manuel, founder of ImportDojo and my promise is that I am here to help you to source from China like the pro’s do. I’ve been around the eCommerce block for 8 years now. Prior to that I worked as a product manager in Hong Kong for one of the largest retailers in Germany. I’ve been sourcing in China for 18 years now.
What makes me different?

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this course from me?

I am an Amazon seller myself. I am not your “guru” who sold 50 pieces on Amazon and then created his own course. I’ve been selling online since 2014 and have even started my own trading company selling to retail. I’ve done 7 figures in sales and profits. I’ve been based in Hong Kong since 2005. As an employee in the import/export business for 16 years I’ve worked as a Product Manager for the 5th largest retailer in Germany. I’ve worked out of Hong Kong with giants like Walmart, Amazon, Sears, Metro, Rewe and many more handling turnover volume of over 200Million USD.

I even exhibit with my brand at global exhibitions such as the Globalsources show in Hong Kong. I am an expert when it comes to import/export. My expertise has been requested over and over on podcasts, exhibitions, conferences around the world. I’ve spoken at Amazon & eCommerce conferences in the US, China, Hong Kong, Germany, Austria, Thailand and others. I’ve also written and published 4 books on the topics of importing and selling online.

Ever since starting my own business in 2014 I’ve been fascinated by building online businesses. The opportunities and freedom you can achieve from having your own eCommerce and online business are endless and have given me so much. In this course I teach everything I know about importing from China. From finding suppliers in China, to negotiating prices, getting samples, booking inspections and shipments to getting your product safely and fully compliant with regulations and certifications to your country. 

I’ve built 2 brands, one of which I already sold for 6 figures. My goals is to help you build your own business from the comforts of your home. So that you’ll be able to escape the hamster wheel. Everyone has different reasons for wanting to start an online business. Whether it’s to prepare for early retirement, buy some new gadgets, provide more for your family or live a financial and location independent lifestyle. Make no mistake, I worked very hard to get where I am today and this course is no get-rich quick course. With hard work and in time you can build your own importing business as well. I am here to help you accomplish that.

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I am fully convinced of my content. However I do understand that it might not be for everyone in which case you can message me and request a refund within 14 days. No questions asked.

Lifetime Access One Time Investment 249$

Get instant access to everything, learn at your own pace, 24 hours / 7 days a week.

Here's what some of my students have to say

Hey all, I joined this group a few months back because I had a corporate client and I needed some import advice from China. I never even heard of FBA and didn't even know you could import straight to Amazon etc... but thanks to Manuel I am now live in 5 countries [...]
Guys I am sure you don't need more motivation but it can never hurt. Just broke the 1K units 30day barrier. Started about 6 months ago [...]
Hi Manuel, we got our first products into FBA by following your course. It would have been much harder to do without you [...]
Manuel is the real deal. A couple of days ago I connected with Manuel at the Canton fair in China. Not only was he open to connecting outside a client-relationship but he was very supportive and helpful. I have a good sense of people and I am looking forward to work with Manuel in the future. He really knows his stuff and really has a genuine interest in helping others. Thanks Manuel for the information you share. Look forward to more in the future. High five!
[...] My first product arrived on Amazon a couple of days ago on Amazon, mostly thanks to your course (and my hustling :P). I am planning a proper appraisal to you and your team, on this FB group, after that. Thank you very much again!
Just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. If it wasn't for you and your videos I wouldn't have the courage to do this. People like you are very rare nowadays. Thank you!

Frequently asked questions

If you want to import from China this course is for you. This course is for both beginners, advanced and professional eCommerce sellers or people who want to import. Whether you are just starting out or need help finding suppliers, negotiate costs, get samples, produce and ship to your home country… this course is the ideal step by step blueprint to run a successful importing business.

Yes, anyone can do this!

This heavily depends on the product you choose and the amount of units that you order from a supplier. However I have come to the conclusion that 5,000US$ is the minimum budget. This is calculated from a minimum order of 500 units from a supplier, marketing budget, shipping and other costs.
Many people like to educate themselves first and start slowly. Which is absolutely fine! You can learn at your pace and take it step by step.

YES, absolutely! While the case study does focus on the US market the same process applies to the EU.  So no matter where you are located, this works. The certification course also covers both the US & EU.

In this course I walk you trough the entire process of importing a product from China. From supplier research to product selection, price negotiation, sample order, booking the inspection and shipment to import regulations and complying with laws and rules in your home country – its all there. 

Yes, absolutely. I’ll be available for your questions within the Facebook group.

Yes, this is a one time payment with access for lifetime. No further or hidden costs added. You get full access to all content (and me) right after purchase.
You’ll be re-directed to the members area where you can watch videos at your own pace. You’ll also get a username and password that allows you to login to the members area at any time.
This is for everyone of any age group. I have content that is perfect for beginners but I also have content where advanced people already told me they learned so much from it.

Yes! While some material is 2 years old with essential content that is timeless I have also added new material in 2022 to reflect the changes in the industry. Some of the material (importing from China) has evergreen content that will never change as it teaches basic knowledge dealing with suppliers in China.

While I am convinced of my content I do understand that it might not be for everyone. There is a 14 days, no question asked money back guarantee. So if you do not find value in the content simply email me at and you’ll receive a full refund.


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