ImportDojo Brand Evolution: Compliance and Certification – Part Three of the Puzzle

In the last video I’ll let you in on how I built my business from the scratch and how you can achieve success in building a brand too.

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Christiaan Rheeder

1 year ago

Hi Manuel, what a joy to always watch your tutorial and very informative video’s. Manuel how do I go about it to enroll for this course and access the information on all the regulations from the various countries. I have already some time ago signed uo for the free membership. Do I just upgrade now to the next one being the Certifications one? When I am ready to upgrade to the next lever later on do I then just pay the difference?

Kind regards.



1 year ago

Hi Christiaan,

Thanks for the feedback! Yes, you can just sign up for the certification course whenever you are ready here:
Or reach out to me via email if you have questions: