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Tailor made product researched for you

What's in it for you

1 profitable product for you

After completing the questionnaire provided by me I will start researching a product for you that is both profitable and feasible to sell on Amazon – US or Europe. I will send you your product report within 14 days after which we will arrange a coaching call. 

1 on 1 coaching with me

Once I’ve sent you your product we’ll set up a coaching call. In this call we’ll discuss your product and next steps forward. We’ll discuss supplier, launching and marketing strategy among other things. 

Webinar preparing you with the entire strategy

Once we’ve gone through the coaching call you’ll receive access to my webinar prepared specifically for this service. Within this webinar you’ll learn how to source your supplier, prepare a website and marketing strategy as well as how to launch your product. 

Access to all my courses ($497 value)

You will also get access to all my other courses available on ImportDojo (Masterclass, Certifications and Brand Evolution) valued at 497$. These courses will help you succeed in your business ventures and prepare you for a successful product launch. 

30 days email support

I’ll be there for you even after our coaching call and webinar to help you determine next best steps. Whenever you feel the need for help you can reach out to me. 

Here's what some of the attendees had to say

Thank you so much for this service! I am fully motivated and extremely grateful I was able to join your workshop. You were spot on with your product for me. I now have a very clear structure and process for me. Hopefully I can launch this before Christmas! sunny greetings and have a great week! Melanie
Workshop attendee
Your workshop was very helpful for me and I am extremely thankful for your help and valuable inputs. On one hand you found an ideal product for me and on the other hand you've completely convinced me with the social media strategy you've laid out for me. Now everything makes sense. I am full of energy after the workshop, so thank you again!!
Workshop attendee
Hi Manuel, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Not only for your empathetic, competent and calm nature but also for all the value and content you delivered during the workshop. I am really motivated with the product you selected for me and now it's time to get the ball rolling.
Workshop attendee

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How long will it take for you to deliver my product?

I should finish my research and deliver within 14 days. On some occasions longer, on some faster. After delivery we’ll set up a 1 hour coaching call (included) to discuss your product. You’ll also get access to my webinar tailor made for this service. 

What’s included?

I deliver 1 product idea for you with the entire process and strategy outlined for you. On top of that you get a 1 hour coaching call with me to discuss the project and strategy. You’ll also get access to a tailor made webinar that you can watch anytime, anywhere lifetime. Plus I give you lifetime access to all my ImportDojo courses (Masterclass, Certifications and Brand Evolution) for free (value of 497$.


What happens after payment?

You will get an automated email from me confirming your payment. You will then be re-directed to an online questionnaire that I have prepared for you that will help me determine which product to find for you. You’ll also receive immediate access to all my courses which you can already start to prepare yourself or you can wait until I send you your product. Within 14 days I will reach out to you with your finished product as well as organising a 1 hour coaching call with you. After our call you’ll get access to the webinar I’ve created for this purpose which you can view anytime, for lifetime. I’ll be happy to discuss further questions for 30 days via email.

Why would I need this service?

Believe it or not, every second email I receive is “how do I find the right product”? Some people struggle finding a product, not sure about its profitability or if it is feasible at all. Many times when I then speak to these people they just need re-assurance from a professional that the product(s) they picked are worth it. Often times the product they picked is doomed. A professional who’s been in the industry for over 20 years can help you determine whether a product is feasible or not. And with this service we go straight to finding you a product without you even having to look. If you already have an idea you can include these in the questionnaire I’ll provide for you and I will consider them in my research. 

What’s in the product report? 

In above images you’ll find an example how a product report can look like. A typical product research report will include but not limited to: 

  • Actual product based on your budget that can be easily modified 
  • Estimated profit calculation
  • Comments and suggestions how to improve the product to make it unique
  • Amazon sales analysis
  • Potential profit and margin
  • Suggested order quantity 
  • Supplier strategy
  • Launch strategy 
  • Branding and overall future strategy 
  • and much more! 

What happens if you can’t find a product for me after 14 days?

In some cases I might not be able to help you. In most cases it’s because of a limited budget. You’ll then receive a full refund – usually within the first few hours of your purchase. 

What budget do I need?

I usually recommend to have 5-10,000US$ budgets for a new product. You’ll want to order at least 1000 units, cost for shipping, import tax and duties, photography plus some extra for marketing. In many cases a lower budget works too. This figure is something I recommend not because of the product I’ll find for you but because this is the minimum budget you should have starting an Amazon FBA business regardless of my service. I’ve seen people succeed with a 500$ budget by buying cent items from Aliexpress but those are the exceptions and sometimes luck played a role too 🙂 

Will you help me find a supplier for the product?

I will definitely recommend some ways to find a suitable supplier. Within the workshop you’ll also find a complete strategy on how to choose the perfect supplier. However the actual supplier search has to be done by you. 

Who is this for?

This service is for beginners that don’t have a product yet or are struggling to make a decision. I’ll serve you a product on a “silver platter” and you can get started right away. 




What to expect ?

You’ll receive your product within 14 days, I will then get on a 1 hour call with you and after that you’ll get access to a personal webinar where I walk you through the entire process. You’ll get access to learning material (lined out below) as well as support from me for an additional 30 days. 


Is there a refund?

There is no refund. Reason being that I will actually put in the work for you (a minimum of 8-10 hours research). If you aren’t happy with the product we will still have the 1 hour coaching call and you still have access to all my courses (valued at 497$).

What not to expect.

I will find you a product and walk you through the entire process but I won’t do the work for you. As the saying goes: “I’ll show you the door and open it for you, but you’ll have to walk through it yourself”. There is no guarantee to have a successful outcome as I don’t have any direct influence in what happens after I send you your product. However I will be there for support and opinions. 

What if I don't like the product?

I will tailor search and outline the process for your product based on answers that I receive from you. I will consider your budget (that you have to tell me within the questionnaire), your hobbies, skills, passion and then find a product based on these. It may happen that you don’t like the product itself but I chose products that fit your personalities, hobbies, skills, profession etc. If you aren’t going to go through with the product I find for you then perhaps you shouldn’t consider Amazon FBA at all. Out of the 14 attended from my workshop last year (2018) 7 people told me straight out that they love the product I found them. 3 told me that they had looked at the exact product already but weren’t sure – I just gave them confirmation. Another 3 told me that they find the product intriguing and are giving it a shot (they have since launched the product with success). Only 1 person wasn’t convinced of the product but I had a feeling that person just needed an excuse to quit the Amazon business.

Do you make any guarantees that the product will succeed?

No I don’t. But I won’t deliver the product to you IF I think I wouldn’t consider selling it myself. Each of us has a different approach to work and while I will outlay the entire process of how I would go about sourcing, launching and selling the product, I have no influence on it directly after I send the product to you. 

What if I am already an existing ImportDojo course member?

If you’ve purchased any ImportDojo course you’ll receive a discount on the checkout page below. If you aren’t an existing member and you do not wish to have access to the courses you can also select a different price at the checkout for non-members. 

What factors go into your product decision?

With almost 2 decades of experience in product development, manufacturing and retail I have a good sense of which product works well. It’s a mix of expertise, gut feeling as well as data driven decisions. That combined with your personal profile, hobbies, skills and expertise I’ll select a product for you that I would also sell. 

Yes, please help me find a product now!

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Service & ID course

$ 697
/ one time
  • 1 Product delivered to you
  • Junglescout 7 score
  • 1 on 1 coaching with me
  • Online workshop
  • 30 day email support
  • ImportDojo Masterclass
  • ImportDojo Certifications
  • ImportDojo Brand Evolution
Out of 15 slots available for March 2021

Just the Product service

$ 597
/ one time
  • 1 Product delivered to you
  • Junglescout 7 score
  • 1 on 1 coaching with me
  • Online workshop
  • 30 day email support
  • ImportDojo Masterclass
  • ImportDojo Certifications
  • ImportDojo Brand Evolution
Out of 15 slots available for March 2021

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