Live from the Global Sources EXPO Part-1

Hey guys,

A little update here after Day-2 of the Global Sources EXPO in Hong Kong.

As you all know I am exhibiting my own brand/private label at the Electronics exhibition.

I was really busy the first 2 days with buyers from all over the world, so I didn’t have much time for sourcing myself.

I plan on doing that on the last day and I will go sourcing to the other Electronics fair on 15th of April all day.

Here are a few pics from the last 2 days.



Buyers love private labels from Asia. 


Obviously upset with some supplier.


Discussing MOQ’s & prices with a US buyer.


Enjoying some yummy Dim-Sum during lunch time.

I promise to give an update on trending products here at the exhibition soon, so stay tuned!





Global Sources Electronics exhibition move-in day

As I mentioned to you guys the other day, I am exhibiting at the Global Sources exhibition in Hong Kong at the Asia World Expo from 11th-14th of April.

They claim to be the largest Electronics Sourcing show of its kind. It is my first time exhibiting there so I am really excited for tomorrow.



With 90% exclusive exhibitors, the show is Asia’s leading sourcing event for consumer electronics. Electronic components, and security products, and the platform of choice for a growing number of buyers, including big-name importers like Sam     sung, Hewlett-Packard and Panasonic.

My main goal for the show will be to find new customers/wholesalers for my brand Mandarin-Gear. I am showcasing all of my products in my private label (see previous post) and I am certain that I will get some interest from buyers. There should be well over 5,000 buyers from different countries worldwide, so I am sure it will be worth it.

I went there early morning and my assistant helped me move in things:


I ordered a few packaging boxes & banners prior to the fair and was able to set up my booth pretty quickly:



How I started my own private label

When I created Mandarin-Gear I had a vision of creating a brand that will be recognized as affordable and high quality. But I was also in need of more customers and make them trust in “Chinese quality products”. I needed a product and a brand that customers could trust in terms of quality, service & follow up.

The idea was to be inexpensive but still offer high quality products.

When I decided on consumer electronics I looked at the manufacturers and what they offered. There were a few that had quality-products but lacked the marketing and sales part to become bigger or attract more customers. They were sitting back and waiting for customers to come. They also created products that didn’t fit the market. Apart from the standard items that sold well, they had a few innovative products but the finishing and quality was often poor or not attractive for big buyers.

So I started to talk to 1 of my suppliers about my idea and what I wanted to do. I didn’t want him to OEM or design something for me. I took his existing product and wanted to make it better and sell it myself. So the next step was to think on how to achieve that.

I didn’t have enough money to invest in designs, new tooling and heavy marketing. BUT, I could take the suppliers product and make it more attractive for buyers.

Here is what I did as my first project, a Bluetooth speaker branded with my own private label:

– I requested to change the color of the product to a more appealing one

– I requested the outer material to be rubber finish

– I asked them for the added cost using a better driver & speaker to have better sound

– I asked my friend to create a layout/packaging for me based on my ideas. I knew nice packaging is effective.

– I prepared presentations & a PDF with nice photos and detailed descriptions

– I revised the instruction manual with proper content and grammar


When I thought about the packaging I wanted something that really stands out and people would love. So one day I went out grocery shopping and grabbed a product from a shelve in the store and saw the “nutrition facts” on the back of the packaging. This was something that could work! I gave the idea to my lay outing company and asked them to put the “nutrition facts” of my electronic product on the packaging. I put the essential technical information on it and came up with a few fun facts too. I also wanted it to be matte finish, so it looks like real high-end packaging.  Here is how it looks like on my products:

All this cost me little but I had a much more presentable product already. I took this step and did it for about 10 products which made my first catalogue. The catalogue you will find under this link is the current and updated one of 2015.

It really astonishes me that Chinese suppliers have so little knowledge of western trends and how customers perceive their products. The first sample I saw of that Bluetooth speaker looked so cheap because it was shiny plastic finishing.  When it came to my finishing I was really happy with the idea to have rubber finish. It gave the product a completely new look and impression of high quality.

Remember, this was all on paper. I didn’t actually ask the supplier for a new color sample, change the finishing, improve the sound quality or print my packaging. But, I did have to cover all these steps in theory to see if I can find customers based on my modifications. I did however ask for the costs for every process. Be it the color box print, the upgrade of the components for the product or the MOQ (minimum order quantity) needed for my specific color. When I got the first feedback from customers I made samples.

This process applies to pretty much every product. Be it a household appliance, fitness product, clothing, tool or whatever. The products are ready, but there are so many options to make a much nicer product out of an existing item. Think outside the box.

Look at a product from a supplier and think about what it would take for you as a consumer to buy it. But remember to keep it realistic and not to change the entire product in the process, probably involving too high extra costs.

This was the easy part. Now I needed to make sales.

Note: I did have help on the layout part because they usually charge for this kind of service. But you can ask your factory to make a layout for you. They should do it for free. Just give them your ideas and guide him until you are happy with the result.


About the author

My name is Manuel and I was born in Austria in a little town called Melk. Asia has always fascinated me, ever since I can remember. I remember watching Bruce Lee and other Chinese movies as a kid and I always wanted to travel to the Far East.

My professional career started in 1998 when I worked for Austria’s biggest DIY retailer Baumax.

I moved to Hong Kong in 2005 when I was offered a position as an intern at their sourcing office in Hong Kong, with a staff over 200 people.

For the next 10 years I worked with some of the biggest retailers in the world, developing, sourcing, and finding new products for them. These retailers included: Metro, Rewe, OBI, Carrefour, Tesco, Wal-Mart, Amazon, Auchan, Lowes, Sears, Home Depot, and many others.

As you can imagine, the big retailers expect their products to do more than just conform to standards and regulations when they purchase them in Asia. They need to be of the highest standard and quality. These retailers cannot afford to have a product recalled due to quality problems or defective components. These products need to be top-notch.

In those 10 years I got to know all about the standards and product requirements, and additionally I gained a lot of experience and insight working with factories in China.

Not just that. I learned a lot about China, its culture, and its manufacturing facilities:

  • Where and how to find the best suppliers
  • How to negotiate and communicate with them
  • How to arrange business travel for my customers
  • And a lot more…

In the busiest seasons (April and October), I accompanied up to 30 buyers a month to exhibitions, factories, and showrooms to help negotiate, develop products, and follow up on the buyer’s requests after they were gone. I got to know all the tips and tricks for a successful trip to China..

When I eventually started my own company (Mandarin-Gear) I realised that many of my clients had no ideas about importing from China. I began to write a small guideline which quickly turned into a 65 page eBook – “The Import Bible”.

As my business grew and more and more people wanted more in-depth information on the subject I created ImportDojo. ImportDojo today offers you various help for free (eBook, blog) and also in the form of a paid course. The ImportDojo Masterclass. This course is aimed at making you a professional importer in a few days, using what took me over 10 years to learn.

This course is a step-by-step guide walking you through the process of importing goods from China from the beginning to the end.

The aim is to take away all your worries and doubts and help you to take your business to the next level!

Do you still worry about your importing business sometimes? Wouldn’t it be nice to have it run like you have been running it for a long long time already?

Of course it would. Business feels great once routine settles in. This is exactly the point I want to get you to and with this case study you can see a complete product launch that starts from finding the right product, the right supplier and shipping it to Amazon, promoting and selling it.

Every little step is documented with a video (over 50 video tutorials) in my newest Case Study that shows my screen and you can even listen to me talking to suppliers.

Best thing about this, I’m using my own money and will try a lot of different things so you can see what works and what doesn’t and learn all this without running your own trial and error experiments.

If you don’t sell yet, simply sit back and watch the whole process and you can leave all your worries and anxiety behind.

Feel confident to launch your own business and become financially independent or simply make your existing import business more efficient. This is it! Can’t be easier!

Starting with Alibaba, you’ll get to know about importing procedures, dealing with factories, finding your products, inspecting and shipping your goods, and finding out what legal import requirements your products need.

Where am I now? Besides operating this course I run a consumer products company that provides the latest gadgets and products to customers all around the world. You can check me out at: www.mandarin-gear.com or https://importdojo.com

Interviews and appearances around the net: 

http://privatelabeljourney.de/manuel/ (Podcast interview in German)


(Guest post in German)

http://www.importdomination.com/manuel-becvarinterview-with-a-professional-importer/ (Guest post in English)

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I have also been featured on a couple of prominent sites like webretailer.com:



and mywifequitherjob.com:


Public Speaking

I was invited to speak at the Global Sources Sourcing Summit in April 2016: https://smartchinasourcingsummit.instapage.com/


I spoke about launching a product on Amazon and the entire Sourcing process that comes along with it at the Privatelabeldays 2016 in Hamburg, Germany:

Privatelabeldays 2016 (Germany’s largest Amazon Seller Conference):



Global Sources Sourcing Summit October 2016:

I spoke again at the Global Sources Sourcing Summit in October 2016. You can view the video here: https://www.facebook.com/globalsources/videos/10154589512079785

Starting my independent sourcing operation

I also run a sourcing operation together with my business partner over at Asiainwest.

We can help you with a variety of things. Among them a la carte sourcing, full service sourcing, photography, sample consolidation and lots more: https://importdojo.com/sourcing/

On this website you will also find:

  • 100+ video tutorials of
  • Secrets to importing from China
  • Entirely free lessons & advice
  • Weekly updates with tips & tricks to importing, private labels and much more

I hope you enjoy reading all details and invite you to become part of our community. I hope it will help you the same way it has helped many others.



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