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Hey folks,

I’ve mentioned it in my previous blog posts that I have been working on a big project and I didn’t want to announce it before we wouldn’t have at least some partners on board already – and now we have.
The day has come to reveal what I’ve been working on. Without further ado I present to you: (Latin for certification)
Before I get into the nitty gritty details of what Libellum is about I wanted to address why we created it. Let me ask you some questions first:
  • – Have you ever been in the position that you received a test report from a supplier but you weren’t sure if it is fake or not?
  • – Have you ever wondered when inquiring with a supplier on Alibaba or Globalsources if they are legitimate?
  • – Have you ever worried sending money to a supplier in China?
  • – Would you like to know with a simply click if a supplier is legitimate or not?
  • – Would you like to have the opportunity to see legitimate suppliers with a simple click on a platform?
If you answered any of the above questions with YES then Libellum is for you

What is Libellum?


Simply put Libellum is an interface that connects three parties via a platform: 

  • Suppliers
  • Buyers
  • Third Party test laboratories
E-commerce is growing rapidly. The need for verified suppliers from China is more than ever as many new and inexperienced buyers fall to scams of illegitimate suppliers. Libellum’s aims to connect buyers, suppliers and third party test laboratories (who issue certificates).

Take for example a foreign buyer who wants to purchase/manufacture a product in China for the first time. For him to verify supplier authenticity, He either has to hire a sourcing company with reputable suppliers, a third party testing and auditing company (e.g. TUV, SGS) or fly to China personally.

Furthermore, a buyer from overseas has to comply with international laws, product regulations and compliances set out by the governing bodies and authorities. The buyer has to either fully trust a supplier’s documents and certificates or hires a third party testing company.

Unfortunately, faking certificates is a common practice amongst dodgy suppliers.The only way for the buyer to verify the certificate validity is for them to call or email the third party that issued the certificate. This not only results in unnecessary costs to the buyer, but more importantly, reduces the trust in the system as the process is slow and time-consuming.

Libellum works to solve this problem by enabling clients to lookup a certificate or test report number (provided by a supplier) on Libellum’s interface. If said certificate has really been issued at some point in time the interface will have all the supplier and product information — that at some point has been verified by a third party inspection company. Hence the buyer can immediately verify the authenticity of the certificate via Libellum. Libellum will implement 2 core technologies to make sure the system is safe for the buyer:

  1. A digitally encrypted QR code that has all the supplier information and is verified by third-parties.
  2. Data is stored on Libellum’s blockchain, which allows for the data to be immutable and transparent.

Thus allowing buyers to purchase from verified suppliers. (Due Diligence on manufacturing process has to be done from the client’s side nonetheless with the supplier).

 Many customers have been asking how to verify a certificate/test report? While some Third Parties Testing Companies offer to verify these reports it is inconvenient and not always accessible.

Previously I would recommend a customer who asked me how to verify, to contact the issuing Testing company to verify. Moreover many local Chinese testing companies are unknown, issue reports in Chinese and are difficult to verify by a customer.

With the emerging Blockchain technology, our Libellum platform and partnering with Third Party testing companies this problem is eradicated. Now both suppliers and their test reports (issued by verified Third Party Testing companies) can get verified via the unchangeable and 100% safe Blockchain technology.

The aim of Libellum is to make information about manufacturers accessible in one platform. Currently, information and verifying a supplier (e.g. in China) is either hard to find, incorrect, or inaccessible. We aim to solve these major problems in the manufacturing and logistics industry.

Libellum Token & Pre-Sale Details

Libellum will run it’s pre-sale stage from the 20th August until September 20th 2018. Here are the details for our upcoming token sale:

  • Whitepaper
  • Total Supply: 100,000,000 LIB
  • Tokens Available For Pre-Sale: 40,000,000 (40% of Total Supply).
  • Libellum Ticker: LIB
  • Price per LIB token: 1 LIB = $0.08 (Pre-sale) 1 LIB = $0.10 (Public Sale).
  • Whitelist Registration

User case example

Say you want to purchase a product from China but you have little experience or no way of flying to China and verify a supplier on site. Most people head to Alibaba or Globalsources to find suppliers. Naturally you want to comply with your local regulations and laws and ask your supplier to send you test reports or certificates relating to your laws. Suppliers then send you test reports or certificates that claim their product are compliant to US/EU laws.

However you have no way of verifying this information and you’ve heard many times that suppliers can fake certificates. All you can do is to call or email the issuing third party test laboratory from who the supplier claims the certificate comes from. What happens next is mostly waiting or dead ends. In most cases after countless emails and unable to verify the authenticity of the certificate you give up or worse, blindly trust the supplier.

Libellum works to solve this problem by enabling you to lookup the certificate number or test report on Libellum’s interface. Within a few simple clicks you will be able to locate the certificate on the Blockchain meaning that the test report is valid and has been uploaded by the issuing Third Party test laboratory.

You are safe to purchase from this supplier because the certificates provided have been verified by a third party testing company. And only the third party has access to Libellum’s interface to upload certificates or test reports. Meaning this supplier really has at one point tested his products for compliance or has gone through an audit with a legitimate testing company. (Due Diligence with supplier management still has to be done from your side nonetheless with the supplier)

How do we get all the certificates on the interface and how can you trust them?

Simple. We already have and will partner with some of the largest test laboratories in the world. Through working in the import/export industry our CEO, Manuel Becvar has built a large and unique network with the Top 10 testing laboratories in the world. Ideally down the road we’ll add hundreds of testing laboratories to the platform/interface.

We are also working on partnering with the largest sourcing sites on the net. These sourcing sites can allow to post the digital code of the suppliers certificates (QR codes) on their sites and interested buyers can immediately verify via clicking the QR code and being directed to our interface/platform to check if the test reports/audits etc. are real.

Whenever a tests certificate/report/audit of a factory is issued by a third party testing laboratory it automatically gets uploaded to Libellum’s interface.

We are creating API’s for testing laboratories in order for them to upload certificates to our platform/interface. Saving us and them time in the process.

How do we guarantee that these reports are safe? We use Blockchain technology to ensure that reports are only uploaded via the third party test laboratory ONLY and no one else. Blockchain technology creates a irreversible entry onto the network.
Libellum won’t have access to customers and third party testing laboratories documents/reports. Only through the API used by the third party will test reports be uploaded. Eliminating the risk that suppliers upload fake certificates.

Who can access the database and view records? Anybody. We’ve created Libellum especially for buyers, importers, ecommerce sellers, retails consumers, regulators, customs and more. Never worry about fake certification any longer.

During the Beta phase where we upload (millions of) existing certificates and new certificates to populate the database/platform Libellum will be free to use by consumers.

Me and my team have worked tirelessly the last few months to put this together and we are now at a stage where we need YOU!

The concept is clear and we have already worked with Blockchain Developers to ensure this can be done. We have also partnered with large third parties because we obviously need their cooperation (they are the ones issuing the reports and uploading them to our interface). I have spoken to some of the largest buying offices in Asia as well as countless importers, eCommerce sellers and importers. They all want this to go live ASAP.

We are issuing a total of 10,000,000 tokens to early investors at a reduced price of 0.05$/1LIB). Early investors can purchase LIB tokens with a minimum investment of 5ETH at current ETH market rate.

For instituional/private investments in Fiat money (USD) investors can contact us at: Once we receive your interest we will contact you back (only from

We will conduct a KYC/AML (Know Your Customer/Anti Money Laundering) procedure and upon successful approval send you more details on how you can become an Early Investor.

When we founded Libellum, our goal was not only to create the best Supplier Verification (bold) platform, but also to reward all those who believed in our company vision right from the beginning. As an early investor you receive a range of benefits as an appreciation for your contribution and trust in us.

By investing in Libellum, you will receive:

  • 50% bonus on the Libellum token ($0.05/LIB instead of $0.1/LIB)
  • Free membership for 1 year of the Libellum Platform once we switch to paying access only
  • Partner site discounts (announced at a later date).
  • Free manufacturer/supplier lookups for the first year.
  • Beta access.
  • As we get closer to launching Libellum, we will also announce further benefits since we are continuously forming partnerships with leading companies and products in the industry.”
  • A possible stake in the company or percentage of yearly profits to be determined by the amount of LIB tokens initially purchased is also in the planning after we launch the platform.

Obviously we are not simply creating a business model but we aim to solve one of the biggest problems in the import/export industry. Verification of suppliers with a simple click.

There’s a lot more to it of course. Libellum will not be just a simple interface but so much more. Imagine you could not just view supplier’s certificates and verify them but also FIND suppliers on our platform who have already been verified.
You could simply use our platform as a go to place when looking for new suppliers (that have been verified) already.

To view the platform benefits visit:

To read our technical paper and all details visit:
Libellum Whitepaper

We will release more information in the coming weeks. We’re extremely excited to make our Libellum project public and look forward to have you participate in our pre-sale and token sale stages.

If you want to request more information about the Libellum blockchain and token sale, please contact us at or via our social media channels:

Thank you for your support!

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