The ultimate Alibaba guide – how to verify suppliers on Alibaba

Manuel Becvar

I made this video a while ago but it is still very valid, especially now in 2021 that more and more people are trying to build an online income, source products from China and sell them online. 

I’ve previously written about Alibaba in detail here. Be sure to check this post out also. 

In below video I explain how to find and verify suppliers on Alibaba – Get the best insights from an expert on how to sort, filter and find suppliers in the most efficient way.

Watch the video I made for you below to find the best Alibaba hacks in 2022.

Manuel Becvar

Analyzed by Manuel Becvar

I’ve been selling online since 2014 and have even started my own trading company selling to retail. I’ve done 7 figures in sales and profits. I have worked in the manufacturing/import/export industry for over 20 years. I’ve built 2 brands, one of which I sold for mid-6 figures.