Fellow ImportDojo readers,

In the past 8 months or so I’ve been working on a new eBook about online entrepreneurship, making money online, how I built one of my businesses, scaled it and sold it. It’s divided in 3 parts where I explain how I built mine, how you can make money online (absolutely no get-rich-quick schemes but hard work) and the last part explaining in great detail how anyone can build an online business.

I’ve just released a Amazon Kindle version titled “The Online Income Bible” that I am giving away for 5 days for free (07.01 – 11.01) here: Amazon Kindle eBook
I genuinely want to help people and I’d love to get your feedback on it!
If you’re too late for the Kindle promotion I am also giving it away for free (lifetime) on my new personal website here
I do hope this helps some people here who might be just starting out but not sure how.
All the best and too our success!
Ps.: happy to answer any questions on the book or even online entrepreneurship