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Todays’s post will be in German because the review I made of the online course that will change income streams for Digital Nomads is in German.
My good buddy Bastian Barami from Officeflucht.de has worked tirelessly for the past 6 month on an online course that explains how’s he’s able to travel the world while making money along the way.
I know that because I was with him for an entire month when he was working on it. Not only did I witness him filming parts of it but I was there when he worked into the night for weeks.
Airbnb is not new but Bastian has approached the system from a whole other level. Within 3 weeks of setting up everything he was making money and had his Airbnb booked out for 3 months.
He became Superhost within 1 month and ranks one of his apartments at the number 1 spot on Airbnb in his city.
As I said, I witnessed him sweating blood and tears for this course and you’ll see what I mean by looking at some of the free videos that show the true quality and level of professionalism that Bastian put into this course.
I made a short review to show you whats inside. Check out the review for yourself below
Let me know what you think in the comments.
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