I discuss every little detail before the order

Things you should do before placing an order

So you have evaluated your suppliers, calculated your costs, reviewed the sample, researched the market, and you are ready to place an order?

Follow this simple guide to make sure you cover everything:

  • Payment terms with your supplier are clear and negotiated
  • Delivery time and method is clear and discussed with the supplier
  • Your forwarder is informed and standing by for shipment
  • Inspection company has been contacted/briefed and is standing by
  • Your warehouse is ready to receive the goods
  • Customs/tax and license issues have been clarified with your government
  • A form has been created for your reference to follow up on the order
  • Holidays in China have been considered

We also have a Check List to go trough all steps, provided on this blog.

What helps me the most is actually sit down with the supplier (above photo) and go trough every detail to make sure they understand my requirements. Obviously if you are not in China its going to be difficult but it can be done via phone or email just as well.


Supporting documents: http://importdojo.com/docs/supporting_docs.zip


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