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Selling your products (Ebay / Amazon)

So you received your goods, everything went well, and you are ready to sell.

A very popular way of selling your goods from China these days is FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) or fulfillment centers that cater to eBay or any online store that you sell on (e.g., Shopify).


I have written another book (available on Amazon here) but also available within the course & members area of my blog:


In our Master-class you get access to:


1) The Import Bible – a 65 pages ebook covering the essentials when starting out importing from China


2) The Professional Import Bible

– 70 New Pages Full of Essential Sourcing Knowledge

– 5 hours of Video lessons

– 2 hour video screencast on how I work on Alibaba, calculate shipping and duties and a lot more!


The first Import Bible showed you the basics of how to source in 64 pages full of straight forward, practical advice. The professional edition adds over 130 new pages as well as 5 hours of video lessons to this and is constantly updated whenever things change.


3) Business in China

– 50 new pages on Business in China. Taking your import to the next level when you visit China and talk to factories directly.

– 2 hours of video lessons 


4) Our private forum & community – Get my advice and help or chat with other importers, FBA sellers from all around the world.


5) The Amazon FBA – Bible


The complete entry guide to successful selling on Amazon using importing from China to ship inventory (Fulfillment by Amazon – FBA) a 60+ pages ebook on successful selling on Amazon



Check it out here:


The book only is also available on Amazon here:*Version*=1&*entries*=0


If you are not selling on Amazon here are a few more ways to set up your e-commerce store:


Shopify is a great way of getting your products out there:


They also provide a lot of links to fulfillment centers:

This concludes the first part of the e-book.

Don’t be scared of what may seem to be a lengthy process. Once you have mastered the important steps what you need to focus on comes naturally and the rest will be like a walk in the park.

These steps should help you to cover every aspect of importing goods to your home country.

For any questions or follow up that you might have please contact us at or through our website:

We also provide sourcing services for “first-timers” or even experienced buyers who would like to take their import business to the next step. Please contact us at or through our website:


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