Placing the order – the essentials

You are ready to place the order. Make sure all details in previous sections are clear.

  • Inform the supplier within your order that you will perform an inspection. The costs are on you but if any re-work is necessary another inspection will be on his account.
  • Price and article number (including any color reference)
  • Shipment Date
  • Payment Terms
  • Inspection Date
  • Logistics Provider
  • If possible attach a product picture
  • Instruction on labels, markings on the carton
  • Instructions for Destination Address (your address)
  • Export carton markings
  • Rating labels

Place your order and wait for the supplier’s confirmation or PI (pro-forma invoice)


Pay attention to public holidays in China. These can seriously affect your order and shipment. Here are seven main holidays in China where most of the factories are off (excerpt from Wikipedia):


Date English name Pinyin Dates (2014) [2]
January 1 New Year Yuándàn Wed 1 January
1st day of 1st lunar month Chinese New Year[3] Chūnjié Fri 31 January – Thu 6 February[4]
5th solar term (April 4 or April 5) Qingming Festival Qīngmíng jié Mon 7 April[5]
May 1 Labour Day Láodòng jié Thu 1-Sat 3 May[6]
5th day of 5th lunar month Dragon Boat Festival Duānwǔ jié Mon 2 June [7]
15th day of 8th lunar month Mid-Autumn Festival Zhōngqiū jié Mon 8 September[7]
October 1 National Day Guóqìng jié Wed 1-Tue 7 October[8]



The period with most holidays is the Chinese New Year. Some factories close up to 4 weeks, which means that your order is in a long queue before and after the Chinese New Year. Try to ship goods out before Chinese New Year.


The general lead-time for shipment from the day of order placement, to shipping, to goods arriving at your warehouse is around 90 days.


Here is a breakdown on why:

  • Order placement and administrative clarification (labels, packaging, etc.): 5 days
  • Purchase of raw material: 20-30 days
  • Arrangement of production: 10 days
  • Start of production until shipment: 5-10 days
  • Shipment (goods at sea): 30 days
  • Customs clearance and transport to warehouse: 5-10 days


Keep this in mind when planning promotions or sales.

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