Monitoring your order

This is VITAL. You cannot just place the order and sit back and relax.

Make sure you keep in communication with the supplier. It doesn’t need to be on a daily basis but it wouldn’t hurt to check on the status once a week, especially if you are in the process of arranging the inspection or shipment date with your inspection company/logistics provider.

Unfortunately, the suppliers get a lot of orders so some smaller orders may be given less priority. Keep reminding him of the deadlines that you have set out.

It is common that a few parts of the order, such as the shipping mark on the export carton, packaging, etc., are discussed AFTER order placement.

That doesn’t mean you don’t need to prepare for everything on your side before order placement. But it will save you time having the instructions for the supplier ready before order placement.

It wouldn’t make much sense to flood the supplier at order placement with all information, but the essentials need to be covered. Essentials are mentioned in the previous chapter.

Make yourself a CHECKLIST (we provide a simple check-list under
Mark things complete or chase the supplier when things are dangling in the air. See above in Chapter 22 for an example of a check list.


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