I need to order all that?

Minimum order quantities (MOQ)

Most suppliers give you an incredibly high amount for an MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity). Most of the time this is fairly negotiable. Say for example a supplier gives you a MOQ of 1,000 pieces, and that is his desired quantity to start production.

There are ways around this. If, for example, you are not in need of a color gift box but would rather have a white box the quantities tumble. Most suppliers will agree to produce 200 pieces for a white box.

So why the 1,000 pieces? For one, 1,000pcs is usually the minimum order quantity for colored or private label gift boxes. That’s a fact and some printing factories actually require more than 1,000pcs.

If you want, say, 300pcs of an item and a color box you may ask the factory if they can still print the color box if you are willing to pay a higher price for the printing of the gift box.

If you don’t need a gift box but you want some label or logo on the box you can ask them to put stickers on it. Stickers usually cost a few cents and can be printed easily.

Simply ask your supplier once you have settled on an item what his MOQ is and I am certain it can be discussed, depending on your requirements.


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