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Logistics – getting your order

You have prearranged with your own or the supplier’s logistics provider for pick-up and delivery. Here are your options on forms of delivery.




The supplier has released the goods and sent the shipping documents to your logistics provider. It’s now time to contact your logistics provider to arrange the shipment.


For most cases these are the documents that you need to provide to your logistics company:


For example, in the US:

The US does not require an import license for most items.

You need:

  • Customs Bond
  • Customs Broker
  • ISF / HBL / Bill of Landing
  • Packing List
  • Commercial Invoice w/ Harmonized Tariff Codes
  • Shipment advice


For example, in Europe:


  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Certificate of Origin (sometimes)
  • Bill of Lading
  • Declaration of Conformity (EC-DOC)
  • Shipment Advice


As previously mentioned, you should arrange details before placing an order to the factory so that you know the logistics provider has space for you on the container ship for your desired shipment date.


Your logistics provider will guide you through all necessary steps and will advise you when your order will be received at the destination.


The general lead-time for shipment from the factory to your warehouse is around 35-40 days. Keep this in mind when planning promotions or sales.


We also provide a few examples of shipping documents under

Time to wait for your goods.




Sometimes it makes sense to air-ship the whole lot, but only if your order is not large in terms of quantity and weight. Prices can quickly go up twenty-fold compared to sea-shipment.

Sure, you get your goods probably within a week but you might end up losing all your profit margin on the logistics.


Contact your provider on this option. He will guide you through all necessary documentation.


Shipping by air via mail can be another option. But remember that parcels might get lost due to no-tracking availability and long shipping times. See more under the chapter “ALIEXPRESS.”


Time to wait for your goods.


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3 replies
  1. Jul
    Jul says:

    Hi Manuel,

    What about import duties?
    When should one expect to pay them? When they go through customs?
    And how? Are we contacted and offered payment method options?
    I am especially interested in packages sent by air.

    Thank you,

    • Manuel
      Manuel says:

      Hey Julien,

      Air or Sea in both cases will be handled trough your forwarder or courier (like DHL etc.) and they will handle customs, duties etc.
      What is to be paid also depends on your INCOTERM. If you chose air freight by a courier with DHL for example they will send you a debit note once the goods landed in the US that mentions which duties and taxes you have to pay. The freight itself has to be prepaid on a agreed amount before hand.

      • Jul
        Jul says:

        Thank you Manuel. I had a slightly different scenario today. In the tracking system, I saw that my package was held in customs, waiting for duties and taxes to be paid. I called a DHL number, paid, and the goods were cleared. Afterwards, I find out with DHL that my goods are still in China, very likely ready to depart… hopefully!


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