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How it all started and what this blog is about

When I started my own company in late 2013 my goal was to provide affordable consumer electronics to customers that don’t have a buying office in Asia and customers that do not import by themselves.


Before I started my own company I was working with large retailers and they all had their import processes in place. But my target customers with my own company were not these retailers. My target customers were people with small businesses or online shops and wholesalers that would like to get things directly from the source at a great price.


In the first few months I felt that many of my new customers were uneducated or unaware about importing procedures and many didn’t know the advantages and disadvantages. So instead of explaining everything in detail in every email I decided to make a guide that they could use every day. What started out as a few pages quickly turned into a book. To be exact it’s the book that you are reading today. I call it my Import Bible.
book cover

I have helped many customers and buyers all over the world with this e-book and many tell me that this information has helped them a great deal to take their business to the next level.


For example, I had a customer from Spain. He was selling small quantities of product that he bought from importers in Spain with little profit on Ebay. He was looking for a way to grow his business but had no idea about the import process. When I started to work with him in March 2014 he had a total profit of 800EUR a month through his Ebay sales. As of today, because of my help, he is one of the top-sellers on Ebay with a profit of over 50,000EUROS.


With this book I want to help you to have the same success as he did with just a couple of months of hard work. Yes, hard work. Don’t let the title of this book fool you. To take your ideas or business a step forward takes a lot of hard work. This book is also a great tool for you as a general guide and introduction to importing.



We will show you how to turn a small investment into 33,000USD PROFIT!


Within this blog you will also find:


·      80+ hours of Material

·      Secrets to Importing from China

·      Entirely free lessons & advice


There are a few chapters that may not apply to you. I recommend reading them anyway and then deciding for yourself whether to apply these processes or not.


I hope you enjoy reading this book and I hope it will help you the same way it has helped many others.





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