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Hiring a sourcing company

Back in the days when I worked for a Buying Office in Hong Kong I was travelling 10 days of the month scouting new products for Customers. As a Sourcing Company we provided everything the Customer needed for Import so he didn’t need to handle everything himself. We earned a small commission (non-profit wholly owned Buying Office) on our orders and made life for our Buyers a lot easier.

This option can be helpful if you do not wish to deal with all the procedures and processes involved. Bear in mind that this can be quite pricy and usually costs 30% on top of the manufacturer’s costs. There are hundreds of sourcing companies in China that can help you.

Again, this course is meant for you to skip this part but you can certainly start with small quantities from sourcing companies to test the water. Simply Google “sourcing company in China” and you will get many results.

Here are some of the more experienced companies. I do not have any relationship to them, I simply recommend them based on my knowledge about their service and years in business:


Expensive but has the most experience in America


Small but efficient sourcing company


A Shanghai based Sourcing company with long experience that uses pre-paid packages.

Last but not least, we at Mandarin-Gear offer sourcing as well. You can simply contact me at manuel@mandarin-gear.com or check out my website: www.mandarin-gear.com


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