Global Sources – The oldest (and most professional) supplier directory in China

So I previously posted about Alibaba hacks and how to navigate on there. 

I thought I’ll give you guys also an overview of Global Sources which from my point of view is more professional and has stricter guidelines when it comes to verifying suppliers. 


They also have a ton of valuable resources and information on their website. Check out the video and let me know if you have any questions. Enjoy :) 

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  1. Denis
    Denis says:

    Awesome information…. I actully looked at Global Sources after reading about it in your Import Bible and your course. I have to admit I only glanced through it and didn’t give it much thought. I’m pretty much like most Amazon sellers, I go to Alibaba (like 99% of seller do) and made my contact there.

    I think I am going to now change my tactics. Not sure if the suppliers that are listed in Global Sources also have an Alibaba listing but if they don’t then maybe I can find a find golden nuggets not people don’t see at Alibaba.

    Another thing???? How do the wholesale prices compare with Alibaba? You have to admit, we are all looking for that $1.00 item that we can sell for $19.95.

    Anyway, great video Manuel, thank you so much. Heading over to look at Global Sources now.

    • Manuel
      Manuel says:

      Thanks for the feedback Denis!
      It is true, most sellers only go on Alibaba and that’s fine but if you want to step up your game and work with more professional suppliers and not worry too much about getting scammed you should head over to Global Sources. The prices are more or less the same, in some cases slightly more expensive but not much. I guess thats also because these suppliers give you quality responses to your emails and specialise in selling to Western countries. And yes, some of the GS suppliers are also on Alibaba. Having said all that it definitely makes sense to look on all platforms and compare prices and suppliers :)

  2. Angel
    Angel says:

    Manuel, I first heard you mention Global Sources on a podcast interview awhile back and made a note to check them out. Now you’ve come along and made this awesome informative video, which I’m grateful for! I’m really surprised that for such a reputable company, I hear no one else talk about them, but I’m not complaining. I look forward to sourcing from a different site where hopefully my competitors stay away from, so try not to tell too many other people pal…LOL 😉


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