From Zero to Hero – How to build a brand (ImportDojo Brand Evolution)

Exciting news! Ever wondered what happens after Amazon TOS review changes, how to build a brand and generate turnover outside Amazon? Then this is for you. 

Today I am starting a new blog series called from Zero to Hero. Together with one of my ImportDojo Masterclass students we will have a blog series every week about creating a brand and every step you should take in between to grow.

Be it setting up Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, the importance of social media or how to approach retailers and wholesalers. 

We want to show you the importance of building a brand and not just selling on Amazon. 

How we do that will be revealed in this blog series titled “From Zero to Hero” over the next few months. 

Check out what Duncan and I have in store here:

6 replies
  1. max
    max says:

    Cool. Please bring into he mix experts on branding and not just 1 yr Amazon sellers. Be great to leverage and share the 100 years plus of branding that we are all familiar with but dont know how to implement.
    Look forward to this.

  2. Talab
    Talab says:

    Hi guys,

    Am so happy that you gonna share your experience.
    As newbie on selling online specially on Amazon
    just started studying using Manuel corses since two weeks
    Thank you very much

  3. Denis
    Denis says:

    Looking forward to your new blog. Yes, I think all of us that are selling on Amazon now needs to find other sales channels. I am looking into learning how to sell to retail stores. I have been accepted to sell on Sears at the moment.


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