Contact a third-party inspection company to inspect your goods

There are several third-party inspection companies in Asia.

Some of the big names are: Buereau Veritas, TUV-SUD, TUV-RHEINLAND & AsiaInspection to name a few. The first three are usually expensive but also very thorough. AsiaInspection is a simple and cost efficient service that should work in the beginning for you.

Lets take a look at AsiaInspection:

AsiaInspection has an easy to use Dashboard and Interface. As soon as you register someone will call you to ask if you are in need of any service. They are very helpful and efficient.

Here is what the Dashboard looks like:





You can book several types of product inspection, send them a sample that you would like to have tested, or have them conduct research and an audit at your supplier.

Types of Product Inspection

  • Pre-Shipment Inspection / PSI (Inspect the products after they are fully produced)
  • During Production Inspection / DUPRO (Inspect your products during production making sure everything goes well)
  • Initial Production Check / IPC (Inspecting your products at a stage when ~20% of the products are finished)
  • Container Loading Check / CLC (Checking proper loading and quantity count during container loading)
  • Production Monitoring / PM (Simple monitoring of your products during the production)
  • Lab Testing:You can send AsiaInspection your sample, or even better, ask the supplier to send a sample for testing.
    What needs to be tested depends on your market and requirements. But they will give you an idea what they can do and what you should have tested.
  • Factory and Social Audit:While I recommend that you have the factory audited, many factories are already audited by either Alibaba or some other third-party for other customers.Simply ask your supplier to send you his latest factory audit report or look on

Alibaba. If your supplier is on Alibaba it is likely he has a factory audit that was performed previously. Therefore, you can skip this step if the factory has a valid and positive report.

If you are unsure and your order is large have the factory audited.

Their prices go from 309USD negotiable (full inspection) to 649USD for auditing and more.

If you are purchasing from China for the first time AND the amount is over say 2,000USD it makes sense to have at least a pre-shipment inspection.

This covers basics such as function test, checking the production, and making sure the products are made according to your order-requirements.

You can choose either one or all at the same time, it really depends on how much you trust your supplier and how sensible your product is.

Either way, you can simply do this entire process through the online-booking system. They can also give you a call to discuss details.

Once you have your test or inspection booked and performed they will send you a report on their findings. Depending on the findings you can now decide if you want to place an order to your factory or if the product needs improvements.

As for the other big names such as Bureau Veritas, TUV, SGS, and others I only recommend them if you have business in China in excess of 500,000USD. They are usually more thorough, with more detailed reports and so on. But they also come with a high price tag.


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