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How to build a relationship with manufacturers

  Your suppliers are critical to your business success. The better you treat them the more they are willing to continue business with you and give you better service or performance than their other customers.   I have found that suppliers give better treatment and pay more attention to a customer’s order (crucial for you) […]

Payment and delivery terms

Incoterms or Buying terms is the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Incoterms When any supplier from China gives you an offer it’s usually FOB (Free On Board). FOB means that he produces and ships the items once manufactured to the nearest port. His responsibility ends there and you (or your logistics provider) take care of the rest. This is the […]

OEM /ODM products

If you have gone through Alibaba you will also need to know what different types of products there are. There are open (ODM) and closed products (OEM). OEM stands for “original equipment manufacturer” and ODM stands for “original design manufacturer.” This is vital knowledge for your product sourcing. You need to know the difference between […]

General product requirements

This goes with the previous chapter. Larger retailers or buying companies usually have their sample tested professionally before placing an order. This is done either by their internal lab or a third party. If you would like to make absolutely sure that your product conforms to regulations and is up to quality standards take this […]

Testing your samples

Once you receive your samples it is time to perform a visual inspection and a functioning test. Whether your sample is of a textile nature, an electric product, or a decorative item, make sure you test it. Bend it, stretch it, use it, and test how it functions. Often I receive samples and they are […]

Ordering Samples

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t place a large order without ever having seen a sample or product. You need to test your sample for function, durability, and more. When ordering samples most suppliers will charge you. And the majority of those will charge 20-50% on top of the regular price, because making a […]

Alibaba and Globalsources

We have covered important groundwork and the necessary steps to successful importing. Now let’s get to one of the most important parts of finding products and suppliers. ALIBABA AND GLOBALSOURCES ALIBABA: If you don’t have contacts the easiest way is to start looking at www.alibaba.com. Ever heard of the biggest IPO in history? Yes, that […]

Ways to product sourcing

I think there are generally three effective ways to source your product: Internet (Alibaba, Globalsources, Aliexpress, HKTDC) Exhibitions / Conventions Contacts Internet: The Internet is probably the fastest way to source for products. There are hundreds of providers on the Internet to source for products. The most reliable and efficient ones would be: ALIBABA (B2B-Business […]

Validate your product idea

You’ve found your product, GREAT! But careful, don’t get over excited about a product that you just found or had an idea for. You need to evaluate first if your product fits the market and its consumers. We call this “product-to-market-fit,” meaning you have something that the market really needs. To evaluate your product you […]

How to find the right product

As mentioned earlier this can be a very lengthy process or a very short one if you already have something in mind. We will give you a few ideas and guidelines if you don’t have a new product idea yet. Unfortunately, China’s factories rely a lot on your product input. When it comes to innovative […]