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Product Liability Insurance

Do you need Product Liability Insurance (PLI)? Yes, I do recommend you have it but I’d say you don’t need to have it before you list and launch your first or second product. You are unlikely to get any insurance anyway if your business is very new, have no track record, never filed an annual […]

Exhibition season starts & Amazon policy changes

It has been a hectic week for me, exhibition season started and I went to the GlobalSources Electronics show this morning to check out some of the newest products. I’ll give you a recap of the trends at the end of the month as usual but here are some first impressions. Arriving at the halls […]

How to scale your (Amazon) business

A lot of people ask me how to scale their business. They get to a point where they have 2, 3 maybe 5 products online and are either facing cash flow problems or don’t know what to do to grow to the next magical number.   When I have calls with them to find out […]

The lifestyle of an Amazon seller – my story

It’s been a while since my last post and the main reason for that is because I was on my first vacation in over 2 1/2years Well it was also a bit of work in the end but mainly vacation (I was speaking at the Privatelabeldays Amazon FBA conference in Hamburg) among a lot of […]

How-to-steps when prepping and labeling in China

Today I wanted to walk you through the process of placing the order with your factory and which steps you need to take to guarantee safe delivery. The following is crucial when you start out and are looking to save costs because of a tight budget or wanting to learn the ropes when it comes […]

The ultimate guide on how to find a product

  How to find a product? This is the number 1 question I get asked on almost a daily basis. I have no definite answer for you today but I will try to break it down in two sections and a step by step guide on how I select products and hopefully you’ll get a […]

7 weeks case study update – I am out of stock

I have a problem. Well its more of a luxury problem. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining I have sold 1008 pieces of my French Coffee Press and am out of stock after only 7 weeks. How did this happen?  If you re-call my last blog post (http://importdojo.com/case-study-how-i-went-from-zero-to-7000us-in-10-days-in-one-of-the-most-competitive-amazon-niches/) I was doing about 8-12 […]