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How to properly place an order with factories in China

So while I am waiting for my newest item to be in stock I thought I’d lay out a very important part of the order process to a Chinese factory to you. (I you haven’t followed my case study check out my last webinar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4tO5y-EHEwM) So why is it so important to lay out terms […]

The Chinese New Year and its impact on your business

So what is all this Chinese New Year delays and why are your factories telling you their staff hasn’t come back and they can’t make samples yet or production will be delayed? I’ve been in China/Hong Kong for the last 11 years so I understand the problems and prepare myself but to many of you […]

A beginners guide to importing electronics from China

I have recently been asked a few times to write about regulations for electronics and why I chose electronics. I choose electronics for myself because I’ve been in this category for nearly 17 years so I feel confident importing/exporting them. I wanted to give you an basic overview what you need to pay attention to. […]