Advantages doing business in China

So why should you visit China or do business there? Honestly, so many reasons! Here are 8 reasons for you:

1) You will want to see the production and how your product is being made. It’s a great experience.


2) If you want to develop your own products you may want to do so in person with the factory.

It may be difficult to handle trough email.
Details are often misread or misunderstood in emails, especially when they are of a technical reason. A simple meeting with a supplier can solve many problems and obstacles.


3) See the real factories and not the trading companies behind Alibaba’s “curtain”.


4) Meet the people you have solely been dealing over email so far.

Get to know each other and perhaps even become friends.


5) Get the best prices and negotiate prices one on one. Believe me, negotiating with someone face to face will get you further than any email.
Over the phone or email I have been told so many times that this is the last price they can do. Being at the factory a few days later and convincing him in person that I need this price and his business depends on it made him agree.
This also applies to claims & compensations

6) Become an expert in your products and understand even technical specifications that your customers will love you for.

If you want to stand out in today’s competition you need to be an expert. When you sit at a meeting with your potential customer and you are confident with your products and company’s ideals, it will give you an edge over your competition. No one but the manufacturer can explain his product as good as him.


7) Take the time to visit another country and get new ideas.

Apart from seeing new products and ideas at exhibitions & factories you can also get inspired on trends. Remember Chapter 6) in the Import Bible. Travelling is a great means to get inspired on trends in other countries.


8) Last but not least you will want to go to Yiwu.

Where is that? It’s a “small city” near Ningbo (Zheijang province) that houses “The World’s Largest Wholesale Market”. Here is a report from Business Insider:

It’d definitely worth going there, especially if you don’t have many supplier contacts yet or there is no exhibition at the time of your trip.

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